How short should a man wear shorts

Guide - how to combine shorts

The sun is shining, the temperatures are rising and winter fashion has finally found its way to the farthest corner of the closet. But what exactly should I always have at hand as a man for the summer? We have the answer: shorts!

For a long time, the fashion-conscious man had to sweat as soon as the thermometer rose. Not anymore. Anyone who looks around at the fashion weeks in southern Europe will be amazed when they see the self-confidence with which the fashionable men wear short trousers. But the whole thing has nothing to do with the sloppy shorts from a few years ago. Gone are the days in which one wore wide-cut, far too long trousers that were piled high with pockets. The most important thing, however: the shorts are celebrating a completely new comeback in terms of combination options and are now even more and more in focus as a business element.

Shapes and colors

Anyone who knows the Italian fashion scene knows how much importance is attached to the perfect fit. That is why the limp shorts from a few years ago should better go to the old clothes bin and make room for narrow-cut shorts.

However, it should be noted that it does not stick to the leg like a second skin, but that there is still a little room for maneuver. Two fingers should always fit between the leg and pants.

The length, or rather the shortness of the trousers, is also decisive: they should never reach above the knee but end at least ten to fifteen centimeters in front of it. But also gladly carded. You can find more information about the correct fit of the shorts in this article.

Basic colors also work for shorts, of course. The colors navy, beige and gray should definitely not be missing in the closet. However, if you are a little braver, you should go for a more unusual color. A fresh mint green or a salmon tone can make an outfit look completely different.

If you put the pants in the foreground of the outfit with such a color, the other parts have to be chosen much more subtle. Otherwise it looks too untidy.

The overall picture should look very clean despite the bright color. A white shirt or shirt can be wonderfully combined with salmon-colored shorts. But dark blue tones are also very suitable. You can also find other ideas in the article on color combinations.

Possible combinations

The classics like a white shirt or a loose shirt are still current. Denim shirts also go well with shorts. The supreme discipline, however, is the jacket with shorts. The break between the fine jacket and the shorts, which despite the narrow fit still seem casual, creates a whole new overall picture. So throw on your business jacket. Depending on the occasion, you can combine it with a shirt or shirt. Accessories such as a bow tie or tie should also be chosen according to the occasion.

When it comes to shoes, there are almost no limits. From classic sneakers to derby shoes to loafers. The only important thing is to hide the socks. Nobody wants to see them and they would ruin the outfit a lot.

You can get a nice selection of shorts at Zalando, Asos, Kolibri, Coutie and many more.


These are more far-reaching than you might initially suspect. A first date in a stylish cocktail bar, for example, would be one of them. Without being overdressed, the outfit conveys an understanding of fashion. And it's pleasant in the hot temperatures too. But even at the after-work dinner, the shorts are anything but inappropriate. There you should still put on a shirt, while in the cocktail bar the shirt is completely sufficient. If you want to take the whole thing to the extreme, you now have the option of wearing a suit with short trousers to evening events. Well-known forerunner: Pharell Williams. Although the musician went empty-handed at this year's Academy Awards, thanks to the shorts he was more than present in the reporting. So dare to do it.

For the students

If you don't want to spend a fortune on shorts, you can just look in your closet to see if there are still some old chinos hanging around somewhere. As long as these still fit, they can simply be cut off. The end is then turned over once or twice and the new shorts in clutter-style are ready. Easy, cheap and quick to do.

If you don't know exactly when you can wear shorts, don't worry, as soon as it is warm, hang your jeans in the closet and take out your shorts. Now you know how to do it. Everything about combinations and styling can be found in the style guide.

The fact is: the shorts are celebrating a top-class comeback. It takes a little courage, but which trend isn't that ?! What do you think of the possibilities that the shorts bring or do you have any questions? Then just leave yourselves in the comments. Tweets, likes and +1 are always welcome if you like the article. As always, here are some more inspirations for you.