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Shopping in Canada

Canada is a country with lots of shopping opportunities. There are shops for clothing, sporting goods, mining, technology, jewelry and a wide range of gastronomy, where the maple syrup is the king of all flavors, used in confectionery, teas and numerous dishes. Depending on what the Canadian dollar is like at the time of travel, shopping in Canada can be very cheap.

The cities that concentrate the largest avenues and shopping malls are Toronto, which highlights the Eaton Center, The Bay, Yonge Street and its Fashion District, Ottawa, where you can visit the Byward Market, Bayshore and Rideau Center; Montreal with Rue Sherbrooke, Marché Bonsecours and Le Plateau Mont-Royal, where the young designers are located; Vancouver, where the best shopping is downtown; and Quebec, where many of the old town's shops are located, including Cartier Avenue, Saint-Louis, and De Buade.

Maple syrup

Maple syrup is one of the most typical products in Canada. It comes from the tree of the same name, the symbol of the country whose leaf appears in the same flag. The juice from which syrup, sweets and other typical delicacies are made. To buy it, all you have to do is step into a supermarket or convenience store in a larger city like Toronto, where you should also visit St. Lawrence Market, Ottawa, Montreal or Vancouver, as well as the small towns nearby.


As in the United States, it is possible in Canada to refresh the wardrobe with some brands of clothing that are cheaper than in Europe. Some of them are Levi's, Gap, Converse, or Abercrombie, all of which you can find a wide variety of choices for men, women, or kids. The country also has luxury brands such as Gucci, Prada and Channel, as well as designs by Canadian designers. The price depends on what the currency is at the time of travel. In Toronto, one of the best shopping streets is between Sapadina Avenue and King Street, as it is considered the fashion district and although it used to be full of shops where many of the clothing factories now closed were now. Downtown also has a variety of shops, while large businesses are concentrated along Bloor Street and Yorkville. If you're looking for local design, the best option is the Toronto Eaton Center and Plateau Mont-Royal, the latter in Montreal.


Canada is a country that is rich in handicrafts as it has different ethnic groups spread all over the country, such as: B. the Inuit, First Nations, Kwakiutl and Métis. Many of the shops have Native American objects such as carved sculptures, leather objects, masks, woolen fabrics, jewelry with ethnic motifs, and most importantly, totems. The latter, important in religious ceremonies, are carved in wood and usually depict some animals. The best place to buy handicrafts is in Gastown, Vancouver; in Toronto, don't miss the Kensington Market or the Waterfront Craft Market; and in Ottawa, one of the best is Byward Market Square.

Mountain clothing

Canada is characterized by its incredible nature, so it is not surprising that both locals and tourists enjoy outdoor activities. The star sport in winter is skiing and ice skating, while in summer camping and hiking in the country are the favorite pastimes of all Canadians. There are many shops that deal with this sport, so it is possible to buy all the equipment there for a good price. Some of the most popular stores are the Canada Tire chain, which can be found in many major cities, and Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC).

Sports equipment

Canada's top sport is ice hockey, which is why the country has several stores that deal with articles from this discipline. From t-shirts from iconic teams like the Montreal Canadians and the Toronto Maples Leafs, among others, to helmets, gloves, sticks, bibs and skates. This type of item can be found in many sports shops in the shopping malls in major cities. Vancouver's Robson Street is full of stores of all kinds, while Toronto's Yonge and Bloor are the best known for their shopping.


In Canada, one of the most valuable luxury items is diamonds, which are cataloged as one of the whitest in the world. They were discovered in the north of the country, in the arctic zone, in 1985 near Lac de Gras, in the Yukon. Right now, this is one of the best areas to buy diamond rings as it is where many of the shops and workshops of artisans who work this gem are located. Another place they are very popular is Nunavit, in the northern areas. In big cities like Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal or Vancouver, it is also easy to find them in the jewelry stores on their major shopping streets. To ensure authenticity, it is advisable to request a certificate of authenticity.