Scorpios are really intimidating

Zodiac sign - Scorpio

Scorpio October 24th to November 22nd

The Scorpio is a passionate person. For him there is only all or nothing, he is not prepared to compromise and half measures on any question. It urges him to get to the bottom of things. Everything unknown and mysterious excites him.

He is an incorruptible researcher who will stop at nothing to achieve the clarity that is essential for him and to intervene in life in a creative way.

The Scorpio is not a diplomat. He is belligerent and uncomfortable, he will never shut up for the sake of peace. Absolute openness and honesty are his principle, behind which consideration and understanding have to take second place. The Scorpio spares itself and others not. He is an active, demanding person who never remains aloof.

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He cannot stand situations that have remained open. Showing contradictions, allowing and releasing tensions are his basic needs.

However, his strength and uncompromising attitude also carries the risk of being destructive.

This is especially true for relationships with other people. Scorpios are able to exert fascination on others who sense their willpower and intense passion.

The Scorpio, for whom it is not easy to surrender because he equates this with being at the mercy, is then easily inclined to exercise power over the other, to make him dependent.

If he does not succeed, he can become a harsh critic, hurtful and vengeful.

Love life of scorpions

How to recognize a scorpion:

A penetrating, piercing look from unfathomable eyes, an aura full of mystery and emotional intensity, strong sexual attraction behind a mysterious exterior, here a magical scorpion seems to be assessing its sexual potential.

Scorpios stand out and can be intimidating the first time you meet them. Men in particular, but also women, have intelligent, piercing eyes, which are an important distinguishing feature.

Scorpios stand out from the crowd because of their sexual charisma and outrageously good looks.

The Scorpio man prefers expensive tailor-made suits made of fine fabrics, but opts for simple cuts. He often wears dark red clothes. The Scorpio woman chooses bold colors. Their taste fluctuates between provocative and garish, depending on the mood.

If the Scorpio gives in to his lust, then all the intensity of this zodiac sign will focus on the partner. For the Scorpio, sex embodies power and pleasure. Shy characters are better off staying away from affairs with Scorpio.

Scorpio's lust can actually be scorching. But when he finally gives up power and falls in love, there is no more devoted partner and no more jealous one.

This sign is extremely possessive. If Scorpio falls in love, it will be for life. He is deeply loyal and largely loyal.

Since the Scorpio is good at differentiating between lust and love, occasional affairs do not mean that he no longer loves his partner, but only that he had an excess of libido and an opportunity arose.

But although the Scorpio himself is very jealous, he expects his partner to understand that such affairs have nothing to do with his committed relationship. You will never know what really goes through the head of Scorpio, because he remains extremely closed when it comes to his feelings and emotions.

The Scorpio Woman:

The Scorpio woman is a classic vamp. She is sensual, erotic, and highly emotional, and when she reveals her sexual interest, hardly anyone can resist her. She doesn't have to seduce the men, they run after her. But she is not only an attractive siren, she also has a brain. She especially likes men who can withstand her intense emotions and with whom she can have intelligent conversations. The Scorpio woman does not flaunt her feelings. She is very reserved and protects her privacy. It usually takes a long time to really get to know this woman. She, on the other hand, has long since figured out her partner.

The Scorpio woman has deep, emotional yearnings and is uninhibited about sex. Let her live out her sexual fantasies and you will experience an intense act of love with many surprises.

Look She is very reserved and protects her privacy. It usually takes a long time to really get to know this woman. She, on the other hand, has long since figured out her partner.

Sexy combinations:

The Scorpio woman is drawn to Capricorn's authority. This strong woman needs someone who is equal in this regard. She likes the violent sexuality of all earth signs, especially since she has grown their strong sex drive. Her counterpart, the Taurus, understands her well, and he is loyal - but jealous. Often she feels strongly attracted to the lion. You are fascinated by his power and vitality.

The air signs amuse them, but you find their inability to deal with intense emotions difficult. The Libra man could embody just the right mix of passivity and eroticism, as she likes to play the dominant role. The other watermarks are on her emotional wavelength, with the Pisces exerting a special magic on the Scorpio woman, especially since she is most likely to live out her erotic fantasies with this sign.

Seduce Scorpios:

Probably not even necessary. The unfathomable Scorpio may already be secretly ensnaring you without you even realizing it. Pretend you're hard to come by without looking fluffy.

Stay reserved and mysterious. Soon the scorpion is eating out of your hand. If Scorpio shows no interest, forget about it! It is a fixed sign, so you will hardly be able to change your mind. On the other hand, the dominant Scorpio likes it every now and then when someone else takes the reins for a change. This is the opportunity to subjugate him, of course, only figuratively.

Making Scorpios Happy:

Scorpios love secrets of all kinds. One Who's-the-killer party would be ideal, especially if his favorite sex toy is included. The Scorpio also likes to travel to exotic places. Morocco, with its palatial hotels, is just the right setting for a rendezvous with a scorpion.

Partners who keep stimulating the Scorpio's fantasies will make him very happy.

Its palatial hotels are just the right backdrop for a rendezvous with a scorpion.

Partners who keep stimulating the Scorpio's fantasies will make him very happy.

What to expect from Scorpio:

Scorpio will bring you tremendous emotional intensity, enduring love, deep passion, and unwavering loyalty as long as you are loyal to him. He is the most jealous zodiac sign, so be prepared for a thunderstorm when cheating.

Scorpio likes to get involved in various emotional maneuvers that could confuse more direct zodiac signs, so keep your senses together when engaging with this devious sign.

Also, don't forget that Scorpio is the most unfathomable of the watermarks. He tends to have mood swings, but he doesn't let any of it get out. You hardly notice when the scorpion is depressed until it explodes or falls into depression. If you're sensitive enough, at least stay up to date with Scorpio's emotional developments.

Is it worth the wait? Yes, the Scorpio can hide its interest.