How can I legally register unregistered firearms

Buy firearms Gun shop or Darknet: How do you actually get a gun?

In Heidenheim a person has already been killed several times through the use of firearms. Since only about four percent of the perpetrators who use a firearm in their crime are the legal owner of the weapon, the probability is very high that illegal weapons were also involved in the Heidenheim offenses. But where do you buy something that you are not allowed to own?

In the weapon estimate you need a weapon possession card

In a gun shop, pistols are only sold to customers who have a gun ownership card, such as target shooters or hunters.

"You can get an illegal weapon within 20 minutes at Frankfurt Central Station", says Kai P. Fuhrmann. But that's probably not a big problem in Heidenheim either. Attorney Fuhrmann, who worked for many years as a syndic (legal advisor) of the Württemberg Rifle Association, also knows that illegal weapons are traded at three to four times their retail value. The approximately 5.8 million legal weapons in Germany are compared to an estimated 20 million illegal weapons.

"With illegal weapons are usually actually meant legal weapons that are sold illegally," says police spokesman Uwe Krause. Weapons that fall under the War Weapons Control Act, for example, are actually illegal in Germany. The weapons are often offered on the darknet, the hidden part of the Internet.

“Of course we also investigate there,” says Krause. The weapons are delivered via post and parcel services.

If you want a sharp weapon, you can get one too

In its report on gun crime 2015, the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) points out that the conversion of so-called decorative and salute weapons is increasing. These types of weapons are freely available for sale in most European countries. At the same time, the standards for the conversion of weapons and weapon parts differ considerably, so that actually defused decorative and salute weapons from some European countries can be dismantled and made fully capable of firing again with comparatively little effort.

So if you want a sharp weapon, you will probably get one too. However, the weapons are used comparatively rarely against other people: In 2015, the BKA recorded 130 crimes against life across Germany, including trial and execution of murder and manslaughter in which a firearm was used. A total of 4711 cases were recorded in which people or things were shot, of which 825 cases involved assault and robbery.

All legally manufactured firearms have a serial number that can be used to identify them. Even if this serial number has been made illegible, a forensic investigation can determine which bullet came from which weapon, explains police spokesman Krause.

Legal firearms are rarely used for crime

In the case of illegal arms sales, a distinction is often made between whether the weapon is “clean”, ie has never been used in a crime, says lawyer Fuhrmann. However, this is an indication that is based purely on trust, you don't look at weapons for what they have already been used. Fuhrmann, who owns many weapons as a marksman, it is important to make it clear that legal weapons are rarely used for crimes. He therefore does not consider a tightening of the gun law necessary. “But I also don't want everyone to be able to walk around with a gun,” he adds.