Gabe can be a girl's name

Astro names: The most beautiful first names for your Aquarius baby

Aquarius is an air sign and as such freedom is arguably the most important thing in an Aquarian's life - and this is already evident in babies. Your little baby explorer already wants to see the world!

They can't fly, but it will seem like this to you in places, because sitting still is not for Aquarius-borns at all. They want to experience adventure, and for that they are drawn to wherever they have not been.

The symbol that was already established for Aquarius in ancient times is a man who pours water from a jug. This is often interpreted as the gift of the Aquarians to the world. So they are born visionaries who are always thinking about what to give the world.

This goes hand in hand with a strong sense of people and their concerns. Even the youngest have a great capacity for empathy, which they continue to develop in the course of their lives. They love people and for that people love them. Aquarius-born get along with almost every other zodiac sign. So don't be surprised if your little darling often finds himself in the center of every action. Your darling loves this attention!

Your airy Aquarius child also has the gift of triggering a real storm if it has the feeling that something wrong is happening or someone is being treated unfairly. One must not forget that in Aquarius, the ruling planet Uranus is in charge. Uranus is rebellious, loves freedom and everything old is an abomination to him. So if something is not right for your Aquarian child, it can stir everything up like a tornado. Mom and Dad are not safe from that either.

A rebellious personality paired with a strong social streak has produced many a visionary.