What abbreviations are allowed in Scrabble

Allowed words in Scrabble

Hardly any board game offers as much opportunity for happy arguments as Scrabble. Humorous benevolence is therefore the basic requirement if you want to go into the depths of permissible Scrabble words. After all, German is already a difficult language, and the Scrabble rules tighten it even more. But with wit and understanding you can use this game to rediscover the joy of the German language.

How serious should it be?

ANDREAS and ANKE are forbidden - JUDAS and HORST, however, are not. Why? Because Andrea and Anke are proper names, but a "Judas" is established as a swear word for a traitor and a "Horst" denotes an eagle's nest. This is just one example of the complexity of the highly official Scrabble words.

The most important rules at a glance

It's basically very simple: All Scrabble words are allowed that are not expressly forbidden. You have to be able to distinguish proper names from terms, then you can actually get through the game well. However, the "call words" are also allowed - right down to the strangest sounds: "AU", "UI", "HEY", "AEHM" are real Scrabble words that can be used without further ado - you are not allowed to think up any yourself. On the other hand, it is mainly all forms of proper names that refer to a single fact that are prohibited. So: "MERCEDES", "STEFAN" or "ANDEN" is a proper name, "LIMOUSINE", "KAUKASIER" or "MOUNTAIN" is a term, more precisely as a generic term.

Speaking of mountains: "ALP" is allowed, as it is a generic term for bad dreams. The "ALPS" are also allowed, but not as a geographical name but as the plural of "ALP" as the Swiss name for the Alm and as a verb derived from it.

Abbreviations are not OK - but short words are!

Beware of the trap - the abbreviations and abbreviations are tough! To stay with the example: "AKKU" actually means "accumulator", but it is established as a rechargeable battery - and is also listed as such in the dictionary. Basically: Abbreviations are not permitted! K.O., USA, OPEC, IRA, RAF are therefore just as prohibited as OK. But named ACCU is again allowed. Because this is not an abbreviation, but a short word, just like AZUBI ... but according to the Duden, even the AZUBI (E) NE is allowed.

There's a cell phone under the plymo

Foreign language words are not allowed until they are "Germanized". Here, too, the Duden decides: The HANDY, for example, is allowed. It is considered a German word even though it sounds English. In the English-speaking world, this is the “cellphone”. But you can still use “MOBILE TELEPHONE” as an alternative. But please with the last "N" on the triple word value!

The salvation: verbs

Here the desperate player can let off steam to their heart's content, because all inflection forms and conjugations are allowed! WALKED, WALKED, GONE, RETRACTED, RETRACTED, UNLOADED - everything that occurs in any way in the German language is permitted. Wonderfully, you can extend this so wonderfully in the German language. The imperatives are particularly popular. With these you can often get rid of your last letters wonderfully. In the German language they are so wonderfully short: GO, COME, RENN, LISTEN - imperatives are perfect for niches and corners.

How now, the adjectives?

Similar rules apply here as with verbs: Adjectives are allowed, including their superlatives and final forms. In addition to "BIG", "BIGGER" and "BIGGEST" are also permitted.

Special rules in Scrabble

You can also fight Scrabble as a real martial art. As with chess, the official tournament rules run a stopwatch that allows each player a maximum of 30 minutes to play. Tournaments are usually only fought in pairs.
On the other hand, there are also family rules: A child likes nothing more than to play with his parents. Even Scrabble can be defused by benevolent family rules to such an extent that the fun factor is not lost even for children of primary school age. The addition of proper names, geographical terms or fantasy words from the children's world can only be beneficial for text and reading comprehension.

Arbitrators are part of it

The Duden belongs to every game, better still the current Scrabble Duden. But there is also very good online help. The original Scrabble referee is offered by the Scrabble publisher. The particular strength of this offer lies in the fact that disputes can also be submitted and officially decided. Our Scrabble help at https://www.wort-suchen.de/scrabble-hilfe helps with the search for a word. You simply enter the drawn letters in the search field and you will be presented with all possible combinations. In doing so, you should use familiar words so that there are no more arguments with the other players.