What is Lionel Messi's diet plan

Superstar workout: train like Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi is considered the best footballer of our generation and one of the best of all time. The little striker flea, who can be used flexibly in all offensive positions, has been bringing world-class performances for his club, FC Barcelona, ​​to the field for more than a decade. The Argentine, who has been very talented since early childhood, came to Spain at the age of 11 because he suffered from stunted growth. At FC Barcelona, ​​his talent was recognized early on and targeted action was taken against these disruptions.

Messi as a teenager (thin and small)

In addition to some drugs he took to grow in adolescence, Messi learned to exercise properly from an early age. The training program, which works very well for Messi and has kept him so fit over this season that he is considered one of the stars of the World Cup this summer, despite the extreme stress at his home club, insists on linear and multidirectional units. With these units, which the captain of the Argentina national team completes in addition to the team training sessions, Messi is as fit as seldom and hopes to help his team to become the favorites in Russia.

Messi today (well trained)

The workout, which Messi does about five times a week, consists of two units. First, linear high-speed strength endurance exercises are performed. Then plyometric and movement exercises are on the program. The exercises are initially performed linearly, i.e. only in one direction of movement. The second unit consists of multidirectional units. First of all, it's about speed strength endurance again. However, the exercises are now carried out in all directions. This is followed by plyometric units before any movement exercises are performed.

Messi with son

In addition, Messi adheres to a strict nutrition plan. Since at the world-class level Messi has played at for years, every percentage point of performance is crucial, so this is essential too. In addition to the training and nutrition plan, the recovery phases are of course also very important. Messi only trains 5 days a week to give the body the time it needs to regenerate. In his free time, which as an internationally acclaimed soccer star is certainly rather limited, he sleeps a lot and prefers to spend time with his family.