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Typical dishes from Tanzania

I am sure you are wondering what to eat in Tanzania. As in most African countries, the limited availability of resources for the population was an obstacle to the development of a gastronomy with its own personality. With the exception of a few typical Tanzanian dishes, with a down-to-earth and simple preparation, the national cuisine is based mainly on Asian and European ingredients.

The most traditional Tanzanian cuisine in the country is the Swahili cuisine on the coast and is a combination of Indian and Arabic influences. Many of the typical dishes are typical of Hindu cuisine, but adapted to the ingredients of the region. British influence is also strong in the country's gastronomic customs. Organizing what to eat in Tanzania can be a little trickier if you're a vegetarian.

meat and fish

In Tanzanian cuisine, meat dishes dominate inland and fish on the coast. While it's true that these are not very elaborate recipes, the raw materials are very fresh and the quality is excellent. Usually the meat is grilled or fried, especially the fillets of Antelopes, wildebeest and buffalo. For visitors who don't dare to try such exotic meats, there is also a selection of chicken, beef, lamb, and in some places pork too.

Due to the Islamic influence, it is quite common to find kebab shops. They are very similar to those we all know, prepared with strips of lamb that have been seasoned with various spices. There is also rice and vegetables that can be cooked (green beans, potatoes, corn) or prepared raw. The sauces are prepared with coconut milk or curry. Sausages are made from veal, as Islamic culture forbids pork.

As for fish, the most common species in Tanzanian gastronomy are trout, perch, tilapia, parrot fish, tiger fish and cod. The country is also best known for its seafood, especially Zanzibar lobster and king prawns.

Other specialties

If you don't know what to eat in Tanzania, salads are a great choice. They are usually made from raw fruits like banana, apple, papaya, coconut, and sweet potato. They are also often served as an accompaniment to meat and fish. A common spice is pepper. As a matter of fact the gingerbread is one of the specialties. It consists of ground beef, butter, onion, olive oil, turmeric, nutmeg and three kinds of pepper.

Another typical Tanzanian dish is the Ugali. It is a cassava puree that is strongly reminiscent of Italian polenta. It is used as an accompaniment to meat and vegetable stews.

The Nyama Chocan is very typical of the northern regions of the country and is a barbecue made from chicken and beef. On the coast you can often find cassava and plantain dishes with cloves and cinnamon.

Chapatis, typical of Indian cuisine, are also easy to find. It is a type of bread in the form of a cake made from corn flour. Mandazi is a type of sweet flatbread that is usually served with coffee.

Typical Tanzanian desserts

What can you eat for dessert in Tanzania? Obviously, the star is the tropical fruit, served in a salad or natural. You can find tons of delicious fruits: mango, papaya, pineapple, guava, passion fruit, coconut, tamarind, orange, lime, watermelon, melon, chirimoyas, etc. The British influence is more pronounced in hotels and restaurants, especially in the pastry varieties. When in doubt about what to eat in Tanzania, the hotels also offer more Western flavors.


Like all old English colonies, tea is of great importance. It is grown abundantly in the highlands of the country and exported in large quantities. It is drunk with milk and sugar. Another export product of excellent quality is coffee, which is worth trying.

A lot of beer is drunk, but it is important to insist that it be cold, otherwise it will be served warm according to British custom. The national brand is Kilimanjaro and Safari Lager, which are offered in half-liter bottles. Dodoma Red and Dodoma Pink are the country's wines, although the restaurants offer wines of various origins, mostly from North America, Europe, and South Africa. Kenya Gold is a delicious coffee liqueur that is served with some ice and can be a great way to end a hot day out. Kibgayi is a liqueur made from a mixture of vodka and gin and Afrikoko is a sweet coconut and chocolate liqueur. Konyagi is a typical Tanzanian gin. It is important to know that while alcohol is allowed, it should not be drunk on the street.