Chipotle accepts Apple Pay

Large restaurant chains are taking part

One of the most important announcements at the latest product presentation by the computer and mobile phone manufacturer Apple last Tuesday was Apple Pay - a payment module built into the new Apple Watch and the new generation of iPhones, with which Apple claims to make the wallet superfluous . The new service will start in the United States in October, by which time 220,000 shops will already be offering iPhone payment. There are also restaurateurs - including McDonald's, Subway, Starbucks and Chipotle.

Apple puts the number of possible users of Apple Pay at 220 million people worldwide. The new system should be extremely secure: instead of exchanging credit card data at the point of sale, a separate code is generated for each transaction, which is transmitted to the cash register via a built-in NFC radio chip. The customer has to confirm the payment on the fingerprint scanner of his iPhone. Payment is made using Visa, Mastercard and American Express credit cards. Paying for online purchases or delivery orders is also possible.

McDonald's USA will be one of the first to incorporate Apple Pay into its drive-thru and restaurant operations. Steve Easterbook, Global Chief Brand Officer: "We see ourselves as a driver of innovation in our industry and are proud to work with Apple to improve our guests' nightlife experience. As one of the most frequented companies in the world, millions of people will benefit from this alliance."

The Panera Bread bakery formula is also proud: "For us, Apple Pay is a natural extension of our Panera 2.0 concept, which combines digital ordering, various payment solutions and improved operational processes," commented Blaine Hurst, Panera's Chief Technology and Transformation Officer. Panera will integrate Apple Pay into its app for the iPhone operating system iOS and install corresponding payment terminals in all of its US stores.

It is not yet clear when Apple Pay will start in Germany. It is expected, however, that customers and guests in this country will be significantly more cautious than the Americans, who already pay even the smallest amounts with the credit card as a matter of course, while the Germans still rely on cash.

According to experts, German retailers and restaurateurs are not yet set up for NFC technology or have hardly been equipped with the corresponding terminals. The credit card provider Mastercard therefore stipulates in 2015 that all new cash registers must be equipped with modules for contactless payment. However, around 54% of all purchases in Germany are still paid for in cash. Credit cards only have a share of 5%.

In any case, iPhone owners will receive the right software for Apple Pay with the new version of iOS announced for autumn - however, payments will only be made with devices of the current generation (iPhone 5, 5 c and 5 s) and the new iPhones 6 and 6 Plus which will be available from September 19th.