How is GAA calculated in hockey

Are penalty shots counted as a percentage of the goalkeeper's saves and in goal against the average?

No, they are not. Only shots during regulation / overtime count, including penalty shots

Of course, an empty net goal does not count either, as the goalkeeper is not on the ice. Although every minute the goalkeeper is off the ice affects his GAA as it is calculated not by the number of games played, but by the total minutes played divided by 60. When my goalkeeper is only 58 minutes on the ice , its will be slightly increased GAA for the game. Likewise, playing overtime reduced the total ATM as he would play for more than 60 minutes.

A goalkeeper who scores 3 goals in a regular game would have a GAA of 3.00 (assuming he plays every minute). A goalkeeper who allows 3 goals and is drawn for the entire 3rd period would have a GAA of 4.55. Likewise, a goalkeeper who plays in a triple overtime game and allows 3 goals in 112 minutes if the winning goal is scored would have a GAA of 1.61

Ben Miller

I don't understand You say "No, [penalty shots] are not [counted]" and then say "Shots during regulation / overtime counting, including penalty shots".

Paul Witry

This answer contradicts itself at the beginning and does not provide a clear answer. According to the evidence shown in the answer, it should be yes.