Which animal symbolizes revenge

Animals and their meanings

Native American animal symbols: who are you? What do they mean?

KOOSHDAKAA (Tlingit boog ...

· Alligator: Symbolizes stealth and a struggle for survival

· Ant: Symbolizes group effort, cooperation and overall perseverance

· Antelope: Quick to get tied up in the act (if you need to act by taking a leap of faith - just do it); calm down, be still and look before you jump

· Armadillo: understands personal boundaries and respects the boundaries of others; wear protection at all times; understanding vulnerability; Empathy; discernment

· Badger: Symbolizes aggressiveness, passion and drive

· Bat: The guardian of the night

· Bear: The protector and symbolizes physical strength and leadership as well as the wild, untamable side of humanity

Bear paw: Good omen; Symbol of direction and power

· Beaver: Best known as a hunter-gatherer

· Bird: worry-free, carefree, happy

· Lynx: clear vision in dark places; Alertness; Suspicion; the search for ancient mystical mysteries; Ability to live in solitude; Ability to see through masks

· The Ox: Provides the good things for those who live as well as holiness. Mind, renewal, and personal power are based on knowledge

· Butterfly: a transformer and a symbol of metamorphosis; always lifelong life

· Cat: guardian of spirit and happiness; can see energy and independently. If you are attracted to cats you may need to be more protective of your time and resources, or you may learn to take and maintain better care of yourself

· Puma: Stand up for power, leadership, and speed

· Steppenwolf: Sometimes viewed as an omen of bad things; also considered a cheater. We cannot change or understand the embodiment of things. It's about accepting human limitation

· Crane: A symbol of loneliness and independence

· Crow: A transport company of souls from darkness into light and protects against fear in the dark. Also a shapeshifter; Keeper of spiritual law; likes to steal shiny bright objects; always a clown. Look for the bright and shiny aspects

· Dog: Heals emotional wounds; understands duality of doubt and belief; Society; unsolicited loyalty; Love; Knowledge of all sensual things; Protection; Ability to smell trouble

· Dolphin: A symbol of power and control. Also a symbol of goodness, but nature has to be playful

· Donkey: stubbornness; Ability to make decisions; refusing to move when you know it is not right; Saying "from NO" to others; ignoring someone else's opinions

· Dragonfly: Considered a messenger

· Duck: graceful on the water; sees clearly through feelings; Spirit helpers of mystics and clairvoyants

· Adler: freedom, courage; regarded as the protector, bearer of prayers, visions & spirits. Messengers from heaven

· Eagle feather: sacred pieces of the mind - a reflection on a person's vision and accomplishments - courage, good judgment, humility and special perspective. Prayers floating in the wind boss

· Moose: A symbol of nobility, power, freedom, and great strength and agility

· Falcon: Helps with soul healing; accompanies the soul back to the soul world; teaches speed and aerobatics of life; Control speed and movement

· Fox: Very clever, intelligent, and supply animal

· Frog: Symbolizes renewal, fertility & spring

· Falcon: The great messenger and observer of the sky

· Horse, saddle bags: travel

· Hummingbird: Symbolizes devotion, durability and eternity. Although the hummingbird is small in stature, it is extremely determined in it's own territory.

· Lizard: Encourages dreamy, agility, and preservation

· Diver: Symbolizes peace, tranquility, and benevolence. Loyalty and leadership. Brave and brave. The best parents

· Breakwater: Guardian of the lower areas; is in connection with the energies of the earth; Knowledge of herbs, roots, minerals, seeds, rivers, and other hidden abundant gifts of the earth; Ability to turn inwardly; Blindness to it almost ignites and darkly in the material world; Love expressed in nature

· Moose: Symbolizes close examination and attention to detail

Silver lion / puma / silver lion: wise leadership without ego; Contemplating power, intention, force; Self-confidence; Freedom from guilt; Cunning

· Mouse: Symbolizes humility and is the pioneer. Modest, generous, and innocent; small and hard to find just as humility is

· Owl: It is thought to symbolize a very respected animal and the souls of the departed one. They are associated with darkness and night and are considered a bad omen

· Otter: A mischievous being who is also a symbol of laughter, curiosity, grace, and empathy

· Parrot: Considered bringers of specific prayers and could bestow blessings

· Pheasant: Symbolizes warning and concealment

· Polar bear: you never lose; Lonliness; experienced swimmer through emotional water; Ability to find food where no one seems to exist; Strength in the face of adversity; Communication with the mind; Beings of dreamers, shamans, mystics and clairvoyants; Defense and vengeance

Porcupine: Symbolizes gentle innocence and trust

· Opossum / Opossum: Proper Use of Fraud; Delicacy; Guidance to uncover the talent, mentally or physically; Gain mind; Restoration.

· Quail: lives near the earth; Ability to merge into the background; finds peaceful solutions to risk; Courage to face hardships

· Rabbit: Symbolizes fear and overcoming the limitation of belief

· Raccoon: Understand the nature of masks / disguises; Agility; seeks guidance and trust; Interrogation without fear; balancing curiosity

· Raven: Sometimes viewed as a deceiver like the Steppenwolf. It is also known to be a teacher, hoarder, and a gestalt shiftworker's mark. He is a creator, deity, clown, caretaker and troublemaker

· Robin: Understand the power of song; happy; run n the mind of change

· Salmon: Symbolizes instinct, continuation, and determination

· Seahorses: Symbolizes trust and grace

· Shark: A great symbol of survival, adaptability, and the hunt for prowess

· Skunk: understands energy flows; Self-esteem; Courage; will rush; Self-confidence

Snake: Commonly seen in healing and fertility rites. He is often considered a hunter

· Sparrow: symbol of desire and fertility; manifest new love in one's life; understands the aspects of race; Ability to use the power of song; understands all aspects of color

· Spider: The story weavers create something from almost nothing. Said to connect the past with the future; creative and weave the pattern of life

· Star: ability to control quantities; Imitation, adaptability and intelligence; mental receptivity

· Swan: The symbol of total grace, serenity, and innocence

· Tadpole: A very powerful number. They are a symbol of fertility, change, and renewal

· The Tyrkey (earth eagle): sacrifice themselves for a higher purpose; understand the gift of giving; Honors Earth Mother; abundant harvest gifts

· Turtle: A very powerful symbol for women. It symbolizes fertility, long life, and perseverance. It is sometimes even considered capable of overcoming death

· Weasel: stealth; Cunning; Ingenuity; Revenge; Ability to see hidden reasons behind things; Power of observation; Weasels and otters hide, because they come from "tough little animals", are connected to the crow-sun dance, probably giving duration. For the Lakota, these two animals are especially "wakan", meaning related to sacred

· Wolf: The teacher of new ideas and minds; shows intense loyalty with a balance of independence. Teaches collaboration, privacy and the value of extended families

· Wolf print: This print symbolizes tracking and movement

· Wren: messenger from the gods; Sibling relationships (brother / sister); Power of voice; Fearlessness; sees future events.