How did the ancient Romans know about planets?

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Germanic tribes in the southwest

  • Attila drove the Burgundians out of Worms; Rights: AKG
  • In 451 the Huns were defeated: AKG

While the Roman Empire, which after Emperor Theodosius in 395 AD was divided under his two sons Arcadius and Honorius into western and eastern currents, was in decline, the Germanic peoples grew stronger. Peoples had gradually developed from small tribal groups, besides the Goths, for example, the Alemanni, Franks, Vandals, Burgundians, Thuringians and Saxons. They set foot on Roman soil and penetrated far from the east into continental Europe, into today's Germany, Great Britain, France, Spain and as far as North Africa.

Under the leadership of capable generals, the Roman inhabitants tried to play off the advancing ethnic groups against each other by changing coalitions. The Roman leader Aetius became famous, who with the help of the dreaded Hun King Attila successfully took action against the Burgundians in 443 AD. The Burgundians, originally from the east not far from today's Berlin, had settled in the area of ​​Worms and Mainz and founded their own empire there. After the victorious battle, Aetius settled the survivors of the Burgundian tribes in the upper Rhône valley, an area that was to take their name - and has kept it to this day.

Only a few years later, Attila called the Huns to arms to conquer Gaul. Aetius opposed him with an army from the Roman inhabitants of Gaul and Visigoths. In 451 AD there was a great battle in the Catalan fields not far from Paris: the Huns were defeated by Aetius and his Germanic allies.