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Pro 500 I 13 years of the Grü edition
On the occasion of the 13th anniversary of our website, we launched the Vitamix Pro 500 as an anniversary edition with our perfect accessories package worth € 50. In addition, we have that Per 500 in red by 50 € 649,00 € reduced. This offer is valid until Monday, May 24th, 2021.

Anniversary addition: Vitamix recipe book More » The book "The Art of Mixing" introduces you to the extensive world of professional mixing. This recipe book shows you how easy it is to prepare smoothies, starters, main dishes or desserts with the Pro 500. " Less

Anniversary addition: Our cleaning brush More » Perfect for cleaning the Pro 500 container: our cleaning brush. " Less

Anniversary addition: Nut milk bag More » With our filter bag you can expand the range of applications of your Pro 500 even further: The filtering creates fine nut or grain milk. Celery juice can also be made completely fiber-free. " Less

45-day money-back guarantee more » We love green smoothies and only offer what we can recommend without reservation. If our mixer recommendation does not stand up to your everyday test, we will take the mixer back within 45 days of purchase. Complete conditions »« less

This Vitamix anniversary model has it all!

The Vitamix Pro 500 is already well equipped with its standard scope of delivery. You can use it to make all your popular blender preparations in one and the same blender container - in large and small quantities. An additional container is therefore superfluous!
In addition, the Vitamix Pro 500 not only has manual speed control, but you can also use 3 time programs - among others. for green smoothies or warm soups.
In the anniversary edition, we have equipped the Pro 500 with the perfect accessory package: Vitamix recipe book, cleaning brush and nut milk bag are also included in the scope of delivery. So no wish remains unfulfilled. Overall, the Vitamix Pro 500 anniversary edition offers a great overall package - and is therefore our absolute purchase recommendation.

Vitamix Pro 500 - highlights at a glance

  • One container for everything: 250 ml to 1.4 or 2 liters (depending on your choice), the Pro 500 can prepare all Vitamix recipes without an additional container
  • Precise: Manual control with a wide range of speeds for precise preparation, especially of nice creams, hummus, etc.
  • Comfortable: 3 time programs allow mixing with a short attention span
  • Sustainable: Built for long-lasting mixing pleasure, based on the decades-proven design of the Vitamix classic TNC 5200
  • Carefree:5-year Vitamix full guarantee on all parts including container and pusher (for purely private use)


Preparation options with the Vitamix Pro 500

With the Pro 500 you can achieve perfect,

  • aromatic and creamy green smoothies
  • Fruit and vegetable smoothies
  • delicious vegan milk, such as B. almond or hazelnut milk
  • Sinfully delicious ice cream creations (fruit and milk ice cream, vegan ice cream), sorbets (fruit ice cream), frozen yoghurt & nice creams
  • Crushed ice
  • Soups, sauces, fondues and chocolates heated by frictional heat in a matter of minutes
  • Chunky salsa, Italian pesto, chopped vegetables, nut and almond slivers
  • Dips, dressings
  • healthy, fresh, vital baby food
  • Homemade nut butter, nut butter, nut milk from almonds, hazelnuts, cashews, peanuts, etc.
  • Chopped root vegetables for carrot salad, for example
  • Grind whole coffee beans (from 40 g)

Preparation quantities: no need for a second container!

Due to the raised container, the footprint is small and mixing from 250 ml is no problem. This applies equally to both containers available for selection. The choice then falls on the 1.4l container if the height of the mixer is important in your kitchen (e.g. due to low-hanging kitchen wall units).
The total height of the mixer is with 1.4l container = 44cm and the with 2.0l container = 52cm.
Note: Since the 0.9l container from Vitamix cannot process smaller quantities either, there is no need to purchase a second mixing container for smaller quantities. With the regular scope of delivery you already have the maximum equipment.

Which container to use
The Pro 500 is a real workhorse. It follows the product philosophy "one-container-for-everything": It easily processes preparations from 250 to 2000 ml in one and the same container. With our Vitamix Pro 500 anniversary edition you can choose between a 1.4l (see photo on the left) and a 2.0l container (all other pictures). The containers only differ in height - so there is no difference in the variety of applications.

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Operation and handling of the Pro 500

Operation: The Vitamix Pro 500 has an on / off switch (avoids stand-by power) at the bottom left. A blue light tells you whether the mixer is switched on or not. The next step is to select the setting with the rotary knob. One of three time programs can be selected on the left, a speed level on the right. The right button is pressed to start. Alternatively, the pulse button on the left can be held down.

The operating concept is more sophisticated than that of the Pro 300 or TNC 5200 and, apart from the 2 missing time programs, is identical to the Pro 750. Inadvertent switching on is almost impossible. Subjectively, however, the button and rotary knob look as high quality when operated as with no other Vitamix.

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Cleaning the Vitamix Pro 500 is child's play. Simply put approx. 500 ml (warm) water in the container, mix and ... that's it! After using fatty ingredients, a few drops of washing-up liquid should be added to the water before mixing. It can then be rinsed with water.

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Recommended accessories

The most valuable accessory for a mixer is certainly our cleaning brush. The brush reliably removes leftovers from the blender jug ​​and at the same time protects the jar itself so that no scratches are left.

The cleaning brush is also suitable for washing dishes and drinking bottles. From our point of view a real all-purpose tool that should not be missing in any kitchen.

Cleaning brush for blender jars, juicers & bottles

If you like to make thick things like ice cream, you can use the spatula well.
It is used to move the food to be mixed from the bottom and edge of the container. It sticks right there, especially with sticky, viscous preparations (nut butters, pestos, dips and sauces). In contrast to a spoon, which scratches the container over time, the spatula helps empty the container without attacking it.

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Technical data for the Vitamix Pro 500

  • Knife tip speed: 250 km / h (with 1.5 l water)
  • Power: 2 hp power; 220-240 volts / 50 Hz - 60 Hz; 1000 - 1200 watts
  • Revolutions: 900 rpm. up to 29000 rpm.
  • Dimensions with 1.4l container: height: 44.0cm - width: 18.5cm - - depth 22.2cm
  • Dimensions with 2.0l container: height: 52.0cm - width: 18.5cm - - depth 22.2cm
  • Weight: approx. 5.3 kg
  • Control elements: Rotary wheel with speed levels and 3 time programs, speed-regulated pulse switch, on / off switch
  • Mixing container: 2 liter container including Vitamix pusher (long)
  • Container material: Tritan plastic (BPA free); Food can be heated up to 100 ° C
  • Volume of the blender jug: 2 liters
  • Knife type and material: Laser-cut stainless steel knife with 4 blades (7.25 cm diameter)
  • Engine cooling: Centrifugal fan
  • Practically: Integrated cable rewind on the underside of the engine block. Maximum cable length: 1.8m
  • Security: Overload and overheating protection

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Vitamix Pro 500 and its 3 time programs

The Vitamix Pro 500 is equipped with 3 time programs:

Smoothie programSmoothies, dressings and sauces in 60 seconds - with a unique creaminess.
Ice cream programIce cream creations and sorbets in just 45 seconds. Admittedly: This program is required the least, because you stand by the mixer to make ice cream anyway and have to use the pusher to press the ingredients to the blade.
Soup programThis program lets your Vitamix cook! Hot soups, hot sauces, hot fondues, hot chocolates in just 6.5 minutes. If the container is full and the soup is not yet hot enough, a second run is worthwhile.

Our favorites are the smoothie program and the soup program. Since many customers prepare smoothies every day, the smoothie program is simply used the most. The soup program makes sense above all because raw food soups from the high-performance mixer simply require a very long mixing time. Because of the background noise, it is better to leave the kitchen and close the door. If you forget that the mixer is still running, you can look forward to an overflowing container. Alternatively, the soup program was used. This stops the Pro 500 automatically so that nothing can boil over.

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The Vitamix Pro 500 anniversary edition is supplied with:

  • Vitamix Pro 500 engine block
  • 1.4l or 2.0 liter container made of BPA-free Tritan (please select accordingly)
  • each matching pusher
  • cover
  • Lid attachment
  • Operating instructions in German
  • Vitamix cookbook in German
  • Nut milk bags made from hemp fiber
  • Cleaning brush

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Vitamix Pro 500 guarantee

For purely private use:

  • Engine block: 5 years
  • Container: 5 years
  • Tamper: 5 years

Full warranty conditions »

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Vitamix Pro 500 vs. 750

Given the similar naming, one naturally wonders what makes the two top models from Vitamix different. In addition to their appearance, the machines essentially differ in their container philosophy. While the Pro 750 really gets the maximum creaminess and fiber-free smoothie out of a smoothie that we have ever tasted, the Pro 500 shows its strengths in a variety of different applications. Due to its small container footprint, for. B. smaller portions possible. A decisive advantage, especially with thick preparations such as hummus or nice cream. The Pro 750 is also potentially capable of this, but you need a second container, which also has a small footprint, like the Pro 500. In the end, you have two containers in the kitchen, depending on the preparation. If that takes up too much space in the kitchen or if smoothies only represent a fraction of the desired preparation, the Pro 500 is preferable. Quite apart from the properties of the two devices, the price also plays a role, of course. With a significantly lower price, the Pro 500 is clearly ahead in terms of price / performance.

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Vitamix Pro 500 vs. TNC 5200

Both models look confusingly similar and they are. Only the control panel differs optically and haptically. Instead of 2 switches, as with the TNC 5200, the Pro 500 is equipped with 2 buttons that return to the initial situation after tapping. This prevents accidental switching on as soon as the power supply is activated. With the TNC 5200 you always have to make sure to turn the turbo switch off again after the mixing process, so that the next mixing process does not give you a shock if the mixer starts immediately at maximum speed. This is technically impossible with the Pro 500.

The Pro 500 is also equipped with 3 time programs for smoothies, soups and ice cream. These can come in handy once you get used to them. Turn on and forget for a moment. Especially those who want to prepare raw food quality soups (below 42 degrees Celsius) will learn to love this function. 45 seconds of mixer noise is much easier to tolerate than 6.5 minutes. The time program prevents something from boiling over as soon as you leave the kitchen, as the mixer reliably stops automatically after 6.5 minutes. The smoothie program can also be practical, as you can mentally let go of the mixer after starting and dispose of the fruit bowls and wash the knife and cutting board in peace. As soon as you are done, a ready-to-drink smoothie awaits in the switched-off Pro 500.

The plus point for the TNC 5200 is the two-year longer warranty period, however, in order to be able to claim the warranty, it is assumed that something is defective. :-) With one of the oldest and most mature mixer models in the world, which was built for intensive and long-term use, this of course seldom occurs. Therefore, we would not overestimate this point when making a purchase decision if one had to decide between one of the two blenders.

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Vitamix Pro 500 vs. E310

What do both models have in common? Maximum range of preparation options: Due to the small footprint of both mixers, both small and large quantities can be prepared. The E310 hits the upper limit at 1.4 liters, while the Pro 500 has 2 liters. The smaller amount, however, has the advantage that the mixer is a bit smaller overall and therefore fits under any wall cupboard. On request, we can therefore also deliver the Pro 500 anniversary model with a 1.4 liter container instead of a 2 liter container at the same price (please specify in the comment field during the ordering process).

What sets the Pro 500 apart from the E310, however, are the somewhat more extensive operating options. The Pro 500 has 3 time programs in addition to the manual control option, which the E310 also has ... Definitely an advantage for comfortable people!

Those who also value haptic properties will get their money's worth with the Pro 500. The control panel looks a bit more valuable.

In addition, the anniversary model also offers a larger range of special colors to choose from. There is something for every taste.

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Questions & answers about the product

Ask a question about this product

Number of questions: 14

Hello my dears!
Can I use one of the three Pro 500 programs for green smoothies?
There is generally no mixer program for hummus, is there?
I'm looking for the best mixer for lazy people who would like to prepare the most creamy green smoothies, the smallest amounts of hummus / creams and also soups ... :)
I think your work is great and I am totally enthusiastic about your hard work and your passion ♡
Greetings from a budding mixer fan: Maren

Question asked by Maren on 09/10/2020 at 8:25 PM

Hello Maren,

Thank you for the message and your great feedback. Yes, we really do our work with passion :-)

About your choice: The Pro 500 is a perfect "all-rounder" with which you can process small quantities, 250 ml for liquid ingredients and 400 ml for viscous ingredients.

This appliance is equipped with three automatic programs: smoothies, frozen foods (ice cream) and soups. Of course, you can also make hummus with one of these programs or simply set the speed manually - that's how I do it, for example.

Please let us know if you have any questions!

Greetings from the Grü team,


Answered on 09/11/2020 at 12:19 p.m.

Hello dear green smoothies team,
I would like to get myself a mixer with a very good performance. I fluctuate between the Bianco di puro attivo and the Vitamix pro500. I just love the design of the Attivo and its compactness.
On the other hand, I have always wanted a Vitamix because it is known for its super good performance. It already has a few watts more than the Attivo. Is this difference very noticeable?
At the moment I live alone, I think the Attivo would be enough for this and be practical because of the smaller amounts that can be prepared. But when I think of the future, in which hopefully both mixers will still be as powerful as when they were new, maybe larger quantities are practical?
If I'm making a major investment in a blender anyway, should I get the Vitamix right away because it might last longer and maybe offer a few more options? Or do you think that the Attivo will also serve me well for many years?
Finally, a small note: I would like to prepare a lot of hummus and ice cream etc., maybe even a nut butter ...
Can you recommend one of the mixers to me?
Many, many thanks in advance

Question asked by Hummuslover on 08/28/2020 at 11:11 am

Hello hummuslover,

thank you for your question.

The Bianco Attivo has a really nice design, is compact and we like to refer to it as a "travel mixer". It is well suited for people who travel a lot and want to mix a smoothie everywhere.

Nut butter, hummus and nice cream are not his core competencies, especially because the Attivo is equipped with quite small blades. For the Vitamix Pro 500 with its significantly more powerful performance and its container for everything, these preparations are no problem at all.

There are also differences in the warranty periods: With the Bianco Attivo there is five years on the engine block and two years on the container, with the Vitamix Pro 500 there are five years on all parts.

The Attivo is a great device, but I recommend the Vitamix Pro 500 for your needs.

Please let us know if you have any questions :-)

Betsy from the Grü team

Answer on 08/31/2020 at 1:09 pm


We want to put a vitamix on and we are wavering between the 2300i and the Pro500. The advantage that you can process even smaller quantities with the 500, e.g. for ice cream or hummus, appeals to us. Is the creaminess of the smoothies equally good? Or are the newly developed mixers also better in terms of performance? Thank you very much

Question asked by Beck on 08/27/2020 at 02:34 am

Hello you,
thank you for your inquiry.
The creaminess of the smoothies mainly depends on the knife tip speed achieved. This is higher in the A2300i because the wider container allows longer blades. However, the minimum mix amount in this container for viscous preparations such as Nicecream is quite high with 700 ml and there is currently no smaller container for the Ascent series with which you could expand. Therefore, we would rather recommend the Pro 500, which is included with viscous liquids from 400 ml and makes the purchase of an additional container unnecessary. The quality of the smoothies will also convince you with the Pro 500.
Best regards,
Your Grü team

Answered on 08/27/2020 at 11:59 am

is there also a direct comparison to the A2500I?
Many Thanks,

Question asked by Claudio on April 17, 2020 at 4:44 pm

Hello Claudio,
thank you for your message.
Please have a look at our mixer comparison page.
You can select mixers you are interested in here. Further down on the page there is a comparison in tabular form.
best regards
Your Grü team

Answered on April 17th, 2020 at 4:59 pm

Hello! I bought the vita-mix pro 500. Can I also use it to grind flour and coffee !? Or do I need another knife or container here? Thanks for a timely reply. LG Christine

Question asked by Christine Staabs on March 13, 2020 at 6:31 am

Dear Christine,
Basically, you can use the classic container of the Pro 500 to grind ingredients such as flour and coffee to a fine grind.

However, the purchase of an additional grinding container is recommended for two reasons:

1. When processed dry, the Tritan containers quickly become matt due to mechanical stress. The essential oils in coffee can also make the material matt over a longer period of time.
So it's nicer if you can then hide the somewhat unsightly container in the closet and the mixer simply stays beautiful longer;)

2. In the grinding container, the ingredients are continuously thrown into the air during chopping, so that they do not heat up as quickly despite the rapid movement of the knife. This can have a positive effect on the fine coffee aroma, for example.

I wish you a lot of fun with your Vitamix Pro 500
Your Grü team

Answered on March 13th, 2020 at 9:36 a.m.

thanks for the great information on your site.
My children love "candy balls" made from dried dates, apricots, nuts and Co. Is the Vitamix also suitable for this?
Can he also grind nuts and grains into flour? Should yes if coffee beans go, right?
And do I have a chance to even chop ingredients, e.g. B. Chocolate?
Thank you,
kind regards

Question asked by Katja on January 11th, 2020 at 8:15 pm

Hello Katja,

thank you for your question.

Very viscous dishes such as energy balls are a challenge for high-performance blenders. We therefore recommend soaking the dried fruit in water beforehand - this will enable the blades to process the ingredients better.

Finely processing nuts and grains is no problem for a Vitamix. However, if you grind harder foods in the container more often, this can lead to premature signs of wear (plastic becomes cloudy / blind).

The trick with chopping chocolate is as follows: Coarsely chop the chocolate and put it in the refrigerator for a few hours. Then throw the chocolate through the opening of the cap in the lid into the rapidly rotating blades (this will prevent the chocolate from getting warm and melting).

Best regards,

Betsy from the Grü team

Answered on January 14th, 2020 at 12:35 pm

Can you also prepare dough (for pizza, cakes) in the Vitamix?

Question asked by Daniel on January 5th, 2020 at 11:57 am

Hi Daniel,

thank you for your message.

A high-performance mixer is not particularly suitable for very sticky and "heavy" doughs such as bread or pizza dough. Ruhr cake, waffle and pancake batter are very good because they are more liquid.

Best regards,

Betsy from the Grü team

Answered on January 6th, 2020 at 1:34 pm

Hello, doesn't Vitamix actually offer a 10-year guarantee? Thanks :)

Question asked by Anette on December 6th, 2019 at 1:10 pm

Hello Anette,
thank you for your message.
The warranty periods granted by Vitamix vary from model to model.
With the Vitamix Pro 750 the manufacturer's guarantee is z. B. 7 years, with the Ascent series 10 years.
Best wishes
Your Grü team

Answered on December 6th, 2019 at 1:27 pm

Hello, can you also grind chickpeas with the Vitamix Pro 500? See that the Bianco Primo can do the same. What is the key difference?

Many Thanks

Monika Dicken

Question asked by Monika Dicken on August 29, 2019 at 8:01 am

Hi monika,

thank you for your question.

It is always possible to grind chickpeas with the Vitamix Pro 500. To get an exact overview of the two models, you can compare them in our mixer comparison.

Best regards

Your Grü team

Answered on 08/29/2019 at 10:35 a.m.

Dear green smoothie team, I recently bought the pro 500 from you and I am absolutely thrilled. Now I've already done a lot - it worked out great. Can you maybe tell me how I could make soy milk with? LG Anke

Question asked by Anke Stoffers on August 16, 2019 at 8:36 am

Hello Anke,

thank you for your question.

We are very pleased that you like the Vitamix Pro 500 so much - it is a terrific mixer!

We have not yet made soy milk in a high-performance mixer and therefore cannot forward a recipe to you.

Best wishes

Your Grü team

Answer on 08/16/2019 at 2:19 pm

I would be interested in whether one of the containers can also be used to make nut butter (almonds, hazelnuts). Doesn't this one go blind? Or wasn't the knife sharpened differently with the so-called drying container?

Can you actually replace the rubber cover on older devices or is there a replacement for it?

Thanks and best regards!

Question asked by Manuela on August 15, 2019 at 9:43 pm

Hello Manuela,

thank you for your questions.

Of course, the Vitamix Pro 500 container can also be used to prepare nut butters - it has the advantage that you can also produce smaller amounts of viscous consistencies. You just have to know that preparing nut butter in the blender requires a bit of patience and experience.

You can find our instructions for almond or nut butter here.

Occasional grinding does not blind the container. However, if you want to grind a lot of grains and nuts - almost daily, then the container can become blind. We then recommend the Vitamix grinding container as an additional container - the blades of which are made of laser-cut stainless steel, just like the standard container.

You can replace the rubber lid or buy it as a lid with a lid insert. We have them in our range under Vitamix accessories.

Best wishes

Your Grü team

Answered on 08/16/2019 at 2:35 pm

Hello, I would like to ask something about your wonderful anniversary offer of the 500’s - can I buy smaller mixing containers / to-go cups etc. and simply screw them on to mix directly in them, or does this not work?
Thanks for the feedback!
Greetings, amy

Question asked by Amy on 08/05/2019 at 10:05 pm

Hi amy,

thank you for your question.

The small to-go mixers with the screw-off knife block are not available for the Vitamix Pro 500 - they belong to the mixer models of the Ascent Series.

The 1.4 liter container or the 0.9 liter drying container fit as an additional container. However, you are already so well equipped with the standard container on the Pro 500 that these two containers offer you no real added value.

Best wishes

Your Grü team

Answer on August 6th, 2019 at 9:02 am


First of all, thank you very much for all the good information on your website.

I've watched a lot of YouTube videos on the differences between different Vitamix and Bianco blenders.

Actually, I had already decided on the Vitamix Pro 500 (also because of the anniversary offer, of course).

But now I stumbled upon a video of you about the Vitamix E310, so I prefer to ask again:
Is it actually true that the E310 gets raspberry stones smaller than the 500 Pro ???

According to the technical data, the 500 Pro is slightly ahead of the e310.

Is the statement really true about the cores?
And if so, is the consistency of smoothies generally a tick better in the e310 than in the 500 Pro?

Thanks in advance and best regards,

Question asked by Claudia on August 3, 2019 at 11:08 pm

Hello Claudia,

thanks for the question.

To be honest, we haven't released a video about the E310 at all. There is probably a mix-up. However, there is a video on YouTube that claims that the E310 has more power than the TNC 5200. We cannot confirm that at all.

If, as in the video mentioned, mango and avocado (which do not appear in the list of ingredients, but were used) are used as ingredients, tiny particles of raspberry stones are simply covered. You can no longer taste them individually because everything is so creamy with the mango and avocado. However, this works just as well with the TNC 5200 or Pro 500. So it is more the mango + avocado and not the mixer that makes the raspberry stones "disappear" better in this case.

Neither can we confirm that the consistency of the E310 is better than that of the Pro 500. That doesn't take any toll.