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Humor and freemasonry

Does humor have a place in Freemasonry? 

This is not a rhetorical question. I would like to anticipate it right away. Whether humor has a place in Freemasonry can only be determined together at the end of this structural plan. I can already see the serious faces ... who look at me with suspicion ... as I stand here in front of you and await a serious construction plan in full tension. No ... The subject is far too humorous for me to add serious serenity to the serenity. In addition a poem: Humor (after W. Busch). There is a bird sitting on the glue, it flutters a lot and cannot go home. A black tomcat creeps up, its claws sharp, its eyes glowing. Up the tree and higher and higher. He gets closer and closer to the poor bird. The bird thinks: "Because that's the way it is and because the cat is eating me, I don't want to waste any time, I want to quinquill a little and whistle merrily like before." The bird, it seems to me, has a sense of humor. When preparing my construction plan, I consulted, among other things, the catalog of the Bibliotheca Masonica August Benz. With the sobering result ..... No entry under humor. Even the internet search engine Google only throws three articles worldwide under the keyword "Freemason Humor". Could this be the first indication of a certificate of poverty ?? ..... Are we Freemasons so serious that we can proudly count comedians and humorists in our own ranks, but are unable to laugh at ourselves. Is it possibly even a dogma: "Humor doesn't belong in Freemasonry? No, ... I am convinced that humor has a place in Freemasonry, but we take it for granted so that nobody talks about it. But how so often the rule confirms the exception ...... Br: Goethe commented on the humor: I love the cheerful man, most of all among my guests But where does the humor actually come from? Where are its roots? If we try the Duden, we get the very appropriate information: Humor, Latin Fr. Engl to face the difficulties and mishaps of everyday life with cheerful serenity, not to take them so tragically and to be able to laugh at them and yourself. A second meaning ........ body fluid. Not for nothing do we know the expression "Before L oh my tears come ". The flat expression of a humorous woman ... but let's leave that. After all, we have to work seriously on our temple of humanity and an excruciating laugh could possibly make it collapse. Are we building on sand? Or not?? Who are we? (based on W. Busch) We are busy bricklayers. The big guild of little masters. As confreres and co-founders. To paste this world right. Often only unfortunately you can't get one. How best to do the thing. Building with living stones is a very tricky thing. What a scramble and gears. Of love and haste by night and day. And there are incessant knocks. And the situation changes every day. Thank God, we are bricklayers. We love this crowd and never give up. And build on ourselves. Us a temple of harmony. If you have not yet fallen asleep at this point, I ask you to lean back virtuously with humility, close your eyes and indulge yourself in the refreshing dream of brotherly love. Humor is as old as humanity. Even the ancient Greeks, who are often quoted in Freemasonry, left us with a smile in the form of satire. We also find humor in the Middle Ages. The court jester was the only one at court who had the right but also the task to point out grievances in his own realm in a humorous way. So humor is a tool that ... without violating morality and charity, gets to the point. Anglo-Saxon Freemasonry also gives humor a place. The Brother-Lightfoote's Journal column in Freemason today is an example. As an apprentice I looked inside myself, as a journeyman I looked around. Here are a few little anecdotes from my apprenticeship and journeyman days. For this purpose I ask those who are still awake to close their eyes as well ... Let's imagine a temple work, we slip out of our own bodies and look at the events as outsiders. What do we see? The brothers enter the temple with a serious expression, ................. dignified in the sign, take their place and wait for the things to come. Time flies by and your eyes wander through the temple with relaxed impatience. Oops, the all-seeing eye hangs upside down. Well, it can happen. Just don't laugh. Mozart fades away in the background and the venerable Br. Reads out the list of names of the guests in the semi-darkness, only with the aid of a candle. Oha: He forgot one. What is the brother thinking? Take it with humor. This temple too is built on humanity. In the east there is rustling and in the west the first place in the ritual is eagerly sought. The power of silence is rampant. One waits with excitement for the hammer blow and the redeeming words. In order, my brothers. Oops: There is a brother in the unsuitable sign. A friendly brother, ........ there are others .........., discreetly draws his attention to this. Fortunately it is twilight, otherwise the blushing face of the fallible brother would already illuminate the whole temple. Embarrassment is part of life like Freemasonry. The box is ceremoniously opened. With the grace of a temple herd you walk from east to west ... If only the temple weren't so narrow ... These Freemasons are already well fed. 8-tung the column wobbles, ....... the candle falls .......... a dull thud. The beautiful floor now has a completely new pattern. The slightly different way of creating a musical pavement. Br. What time is it? It is five past 9 o'clock. Bro. Oha, the brother was probably not quite there. But sponge over it. It is of course the right time, that is, it is soon time for dinner. You can hear from the east. "Look at me, my brother, with the sign, with the battery. Well, with so much harmonic battery you get very warm ... Notice that not every tactful brother can tactfully battery. The music begins ... Mozart roars from loudspeakers over the heads of these zealous Freemasons. Oops A stern look from the east does not let the last one doubt it, that was the wrong place. Procedure: carefully fade out and remain serious. A look to the north and the south provides that Proof, the Brr. Feel good. A slight snoring here and there fills the temple with well-being. The hammer bangs and all Brr. Reach the earth safely again. Brr. Why have we gathered in this festively decorated temple? Not only the temple is festively decorated. No, our brothers are also jewelry .. With a lot of frippery, pendants and other important insignia, they hardly recognize each other ... signs, words and handles acquire practical significance tion. Many a carnival club would be proud of so much trinkets. Note: humility is a virtue and you should show it. Should me let in? The humor ?? There's rustling again in the east. ... No ... they are not looking for the next spot in the ritual .... The glasses are gone. Note: Chains are helpful tools. Sweat drips. The pants stick. Hands wet. The nose is pale. So they sit there, completely exhausted and drained from all these efforts. Note: Short playing pants and Hawaiian shirts make the work at the Temple of Humanity a lot easier, but they are not SUVA-compliant. The temple work is drawing to a close, and our brothers are awake again. Full of energy and zest for action, the lodge is eagerly closed ritually. Note: After work comes the important thing. The pleasure dear Brr. are you back or still awake ... otherwise ... can I close here ???? Let us now follow our BBr willing to work in our minds. To the table. Hardly have the BBr. Having taken their seats, the tongue-loosening nectar is already being vigorously paid homage to. Who does not know the following little ritual ...... Brr., What is your duty before the opening of the table? To see if the table is set, v. Br .... Br. Conductor, do your duty. Venerable Br. As long as the charming ladies who are waiting in the forecourt do not disturb our work, the box is covered from the outside, the gate is well kept and all listeners are kept away. Not that at this point the imagination with some Brr. goes through, the ladies are simply the serving staff. Afterwards, with meticulous criticism, the well-prepared meal is converted into an à la carte event that is in no way inferior to individualism. Meat turns into vegetables in the most wonderful way. Fish is quickly enchanted into poultry and pasta appears on the table in the form of rice. In short: magic is in the air. Since all these wonderful deeds take time and the time has already advanced a bit, a culprit is quickly sought and found. Br. Not present who else. Proud of so much constructive criticism, the table is ceremoniously opened. But oh fright the hammer, it's gone. Don't worry, you can make do with a bottle or a pipe on the fly. Not that the unwanted suspicion arises at this point that it is bottles or even pipes. No supreme people. It is greeted that the beams bend. A rogue who thinks evil. In this context, a little poem copied and modified (author unknown) After Mozart's dream in stereo, our speaker starts like a Romeo, who speaks of love, very brotherly, he doesn't want more. "Act in love everywhere!" So it splashes like a waterfall. If it were not insulated by brothers, our temple would soon be flooded. Of swollen cascades of words that do little harm to the brothers, but root them so deeply that it becomes too hard on the chairs. The bricklayer is still worried, so that some chairs begin to sway, and masonry exhilaration, which then fails because of the construction of the chairs. Our speaker probably noticed that, the topic of love has not been intensified, much more begins to symbolically build our temple with the "old duties". Because entrusted to such work, hardly anyone looks to the east. And when we lower our eyelids, one thinks that we think about them. But our speaker, who knows the brothers, is convinced: the crowd is sleeping. And instead of celebrating the topping-out ceremony, the "building" he makes terrible, because, brothers, as you all know, there is too little love in it! "And this idea is loud noise, really makes a couple of brothers awake who, hardly has they the earth again, stretch their stiff limbs and rightly feel refreshed, especially since the end you can still catch. In the east you are still looking for the next place in the ritual. Meanwhile the speech dries up, finally our conductor wakes up , rubs your eyes, tips over - but don't worry, it's a blessing, he holds on to his sword. Yes, such an office wears the wearer, which is why he needs a lot of rest. In summary, I dare to say that humor, ... well dosed, a tool of truth, strength and beauty. Aim The purpose of my building plan was not and never will be to think profoundly academically about humor. My aspiration to elicit a smile from one or the other brother and thus to contribute to his health ... I have achieved ... when I look at your faces. So for me the question "Does humor have a place in Freemasonry" has been answered. In the words of Shakespeare; "The serene is the master of his soul" .... I close my building plan. Venerable Brr. I've done my duty.

Br. J.Th., October 20, 2005