What can moderators do in Discord

Set up and manage roles

Text permissions

Read the news and Send messages are almost self-explanatory. These rights are certainly channel-specific, e.g. if there should be a channel in which only certain people should post but everyone should read.

Can be much more annoying Send text-to-speech messages become. If someone has this authorization and writes his message in front of it, it will be read out by an electrician, which can be quite exhausting in the long run.

An important right for moderators is Manage messages. This can be used to delete other users' messages. It is also possible to pin particularly interesting or important messages.

Links always involve a security risk, which is why links are automatically removed by bots in many Twitch chats. With Include links you can allow your users to post links to your Discord channels.

File attachments can be even more dangerous: they can easily be used to distribute malware. So please be careful to whom you are entitled attach files give!

Usually you can read through the messages that were written when you were offline. You remove Read message history, this is no longer possible for the respective group.

If you start your text with or, all users in a channel receive a notification - provided that Mention all of them is permitted.

Is Use external emojis allowed, users with this role can use emojis from other servers.