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Spell Checker Online - Best Free Tools To Check


Free spell checker online - what tools are there?

We look at eleven providers. If you think we've forgotten one and should test it, you're welcome to leave a comment. Not all tools can do the same thing; the services often go far beyond just checking spelling online. Let's take a closer look at the functions.



rsp24 - spelling check24 - our favorite tool

Next to the Duden dictionary, Rechtschreibpruefung24.de is probably the best known tool. Not as long in business as the veteran Duden, but convincing with a strong free service. This tool has it all, and not just when it comes to checking spelling online. The usually very precise check for spelling and grammar shows errors in red and green. You can check the spelling not only in German for free, but in many other languages ​​such as English. We used it to check texts on WKDM Motorradverkauf - a platform for the sale of motorcycles.


In addition, a legibility and noise word analysis can be carried out. Checking the keyword density is also very useful, even if the list of results here could sometimes be a little longer. It is nice that you are not limited to a short text length as with Duden, but can also analyze very long texts. Up to 20,000 characters are possible. Incidentally, the spell checker online has even more functions. After registering for free, you can save texts in the cloud, load them from the cloud, load them from other text files, print texts, create PDFs from the texts and use other test criteria.


  • Evaluation: Unfortunately, in this text, Rechtschreibprüfung24 did not do so well, but we can assure you that the tool itself is great in daily work.
  • Functions: Spell checker, grammar checker, filler word analysis, word density analysis, readability analysis (further premium functions)
  • Cost: extensive functions in the free version
    Test result: very good (despite test result)