Is a blowjob safe without a condom

Blowjob without a condom from a prostitute?


I (24) have been with my boyfriend (29) for 7 months and we have sex almost every day. Like almost every man, he loves blowjobs & I also like to spoil him with them, but I can never make it to the end because I'm afraid I will throw up when he comes. The thing is: I had no problem with it at all a few years ago and even swallowed.

I have a child with my ex (3-year relationship) and the feeling and taste of semen has disgusted me since I was pregnant. Even the drop of pleasure from my ex was already too much for me. Once he came unexpectedly very early & I had to pull myself together not to vomit. I had the urge to choke for ages & tears came to my eyes. The only solution was to blow with a condom.

My current boyfriend rarely gets the pleasure drops, which is why I have no problem giving him a blowjob without a condom. We also tried completely with a condom, but whether during normal sex or during a blow job, he wears a condom, it can last forever or it won't come at all. The gag stimulus comes either way! A few weeks ago I gave him a blow job in the shower & out of consideration for me, he'll let me know when he's about to orgasm, but it didn't quite work out in the shower. Fortunately, I was able to rinse my mouth straight away, but my desire for sex was gone.

No secret: I also watch porn & I like to see a man come in a woman's mouth, but unthinkable for me in real life.

Is there any tip or trick on how I can do it without choking? At least I was able to do it before pregnancy.

What bothers me about it:

- taste (even if it is subtle)

- consistency

- warmth

- To know that there are millions of tiny sperm swimming there