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  • Are you interested in an internship, study, voluntary service or a job abroad? Here you will find information, organizations and contacts that will bring you to your destination.
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  • Our organizations stand for quality advice and give tips on the selection of programs and providers. We advise free of charge, neutrally and across all providers.
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  • Nine organizations have come together to form the "Working Group on Ways Abroad" to help you find the right contact person, the right program for you and relevant funding information.
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On this website you will inform institutions from the fields of schools, universities, vocational training, work and youth about ways abroad. It is aimed at school pupils, trainees, students and professionals as well as anyone else who would like to find out more about the various options for a stay abroad.


The AKLHÜ e.V. is Germany's largest network for organizations in the field of voluntary services. It offers an extensive job exchange, news and dates on the topic of international personnel cooperation.
Vocational training without borders
Vocational training without borders supports trainees, young professionals and companies in the realization of stays abroad to promote international vocational training and transnational mobility.
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The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) promotes the exchange of students, graduates and scientists through international programs and projects.
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Global engagement
Engagement Global provides advice on development policy engagement, the weltwärts volunteer service, the ASA learning and qualification program and financial support for projects.
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Eurodesk advises and informs young people about stays abroad worldwide. Voluntary service, internship or work camp - Eurodesk answers all questions about programs, providers and funding opportunities.
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The German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ) sends and places skilled workers in developing countries. In addition, GIZ offers programs and advice for trainees and young professionals on international qualifications in selected countries.
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The Information and Advice Center for Stays Abroad in Vocational Education and Training (IBS) offers young people information and personal advice on professional learning abroad. IBS helps find job-related programs and funding.
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Kulturweit advises young people up to the age of 26 on the international voluntary cultural service of the German Commission for UNESCO.
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The educational exchange service (PAD) of the Standing Conference promotes international exchange in the school sector on behalf of the federal states. These include, in particular, school partnerships, teacher training, assistantships for student teachers and voluntary services.
The Central Foreign and Specialized Placement Service (ZAV) provides information about work and life around the world, offers advice on various options and provides support in finding a job.
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