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Sales tactics - simple and often underestimated

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Underestimated sales tactics: 1. Save decisions
Customers prefer products for which all options have already been selected by the manufacturer (= default). There is more demand for them than products for which the customer has to make additional decisions.

Example: A telephone provider wanted to reduce the number of contract cancellations. They offered 100 free minutes if the customer did not cancel. Then the strategy was changed: the hotline informed the customers that 100 free minutes had already been credited to them and that they did not have to do anything more. A success: more customers refrained from terminating the contract.

Underestimated Sales Tactics: 2. Number two is number one
The second cheapest and the second most expensive product are the most popular. Customers look less at the absolute price than at the relationship to other products.

Examples: Sony can sell its headphones at almost any price - as long as there is a more expensive product from a competitor.
The second cheapest wine on the menu often sells best in restaurants.

Underestimated Sales Tactics: 3. Presentation
For products of different types, customers proceed according to different decision criteria. For example, the price is often the most important criterion for a hardware store item; when it comes to ice cream in the supermarket, most people first look at the brand, then the flavor, and then the price.

Therefore, sort your goods according to the customers' decision-making and search criteria, this increases the propensity to buy and prevents only the price from being considered.

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