Dan Lok is a scam

High End Closer | What is it and who can make a lot of money with it?

Selling is sexy ...

... at least in the USA, how is it in Germany?

The reputation of sellers is rather bad, so some are working to change this.

As an entrepreneur I am constantly looking at different ways of making money online, so I came across Dan Lok about a year ago.

He is now a very well-known personality in the field of entrepreneurship and trains so-called high-ticket closer in his program.

So it is marketing the ability to sell high-priced products.

However, this training is in English.

Dominik Greger has established this position in the German market with his coaching.

In his coaching he trains so-called high-end closers.

What is a high end closer?

As mentioned at the beginning, an End Closer (HEC in short) is someone who sells high-priced products.

He makes phone calls and mostly works on a commission basis.

This can be used to earn money very quickly with good odds.

What does a high end closer do?

This screenshot is from the current VSL by Dominik Greger.

This may not be the typical definition you get from a salesperson.

This is because the perception has changed more in recent years.

In the end, it is about a problem solution and a closer finds out from people who are already interested whether the product sold solves a problem that the interested party has.

According to his definition, they only talk to warm leads on the phone

Why should I hire a high end closer?

As mentioned earlier, most HECs work on a commission basis. So you don't have to hire a permanent sales representative and pay them monthly.

It can therefore make sense for coaches, experts and consultants to use this scaling option.

In the next step I would like to give you a comparison between your "own sales team" and a high-end closer.

High end closer vs own sales team

The disadvantages of having a HEC are that it is

  • could sell for a direct competitor and for you -> conflict of interest
  • cannot meet your individual needs
  • is not on site
  • only talked to warm leads on the phone

These disadvantages can be compensated for by having a dedicated sales team.

The problem with this is that you need a lot of resources to both filter out the right people and to ensure the right training.

As you can imagine, this is quite an expensive act and the employees still have to be paid.

The advantage then is that the team really only sells for you, have (hopefully) had a very good training and can therefore respond more specifically to you and your services.

My opinion

I think that it makes a lot of sense for even smaller self-employed people to get a high-end closer on board.

You don't have to worry about the training, you can assume that they have a certain competence in their field.

Of course, all of this only applies provided that the education and training were good enough.

Since I have neither gone through the coaching myself nor know the specific content, I cannot make any statements about it.

But I can definitely see myself earning significantly more money with the help of closers in the future.