What are the 5 stages of life

The secret of the 7 stages of life used correctly

The seven phases of life characterize the different phases of the entire human life. If we know their meaning, we can use this knowledge effectively for ourselves by optimally adjusting to the respective phase.

The seven classical planets correspond to the seven stages of life from childhood to death. The order corresponds to the speed of the planets. This means that the moon is assigned to the first phase of life and Saturn to the last, the outermost planet that can still be seen with the naked eye, which is therefore also called the "guardian of the threshold".

In the following I will give a brief description of the seven stages of life.


1. The moon phase: 1st to 4th year of life, duration: 4 years

This phase of life is particularly connected to one's own mother. The position of the moon in your own horoscope shows how we are deeply knitted in the subconscious and what we need to feel comfortable and secure.

In addition, the moon stands for the image we have of our mother. We are particularly dependent on her, especially in the first four years of life. In this phase, our emotional intelligence and the ability to bond develop. If we receive all the attention we need, it has a stabilizing effect on our whole life.

2. The Mercury phase: 5 to 14 years of age, duration: 10 years

In this phase of life the thinking and the intellect develop, it is the most important phase in life to learn and develop skills of all kinds. What is learned in this phase forms the basis for life.

Learning is assigned to the planet Mercury. This phase should be used as best as possible so that the intellect can develop optimally. Knowing about your own systems is very important, especially for children.

The position of Mercury not only provides information about whether this phase of life is rather happy or difficult, but also what kind of difficulties may be.


3. Venus phase: 15 to 22 years of age, duration: 8 years

This is where puberty and growing up take place. The sex drive awakens and the first sexual experiences occur. In addition, the desire arises to want to connect with a partner.

Venus is the relationship planet par excellence and so in this phase we learn to build relationships with other people. Venus in your own natal chart shows what experiences we have in this phase, what our ability to have relationships is like, and gives advice on how to heal this.


4. The solar phase: 23 to 41 years of age, duration 19 years

In this phase of life our life energy is fully expressed. It is a particularly creative phase that should be used for realizing oneself.

If obstacles appear here, they can be analyzed based on the position of the sun in the natal chart and strategies can be developed so that the solar energy can be realized despite obstacles.

5. The Mars phase: 42 to 56 years of age, duration: 15 years

In this phase of life, which is equated with the planet Mars, the god of war, it is about asserting one's own goals and interests. It can lead to arguments with competitors, one is now mainly interested in putting one's stamp on the environment.

If Mars is in a bad position, problems and disputes can arise. Here, too, the position of Mars in the natal chart indicates what the topic and learning task is for this phase of life and strategies can be developed to use these optimally.

6. The Jupiter phase: 57 to 68 years of age, duration: 12 years

In this phase of life maturity and wisdom should arise. In addition, calmness and trust in life and one's own abilities should arise as well as the ability to let go. The power and aggressiveness of the Martian phase is no longer available, but the wisdom and experience of Jupiter should take its place.

With good aspects of Jupiter in the natal chart, these qualities should arise naturally and spontaneously, but if Jupiter is rather poorly placed, difficulties can arise here as well. Here, too, an analysis of the natal chart offers revealing insights.

The old age

7. The Saturn phase: 69th year of life until the end of life

This stage of life can be used to gain ultimate wisdom and deep experience. In this phase, the limitations of the body become very conscious and we are increasingly confronted with physical problems and obstacles.

If one does not fight against these restrictions, but regards them as a natural process and closes peace, deep wisdom, serenity and letting go can arise.

Here, too, the position of Saturn in the natal chart gives a more precise picture of this section.

Explanation of the paintings

The pictures for the four phases of life come from Thomas Cole, who painted them in 1842. They describe the four phases of life in a very symbolic way, which are also described in the paintings by the four seasons according to the astrological teaching of the elements.

The traveler travels in a boat on the waters of life.

In childhood he emerges from a dark cave into a fertile landscape, in youth he takes the helm and heads for a castle in the sky, as an adult he relies on prayer and faith to cross the rough waters of life when In the end, an angel guides him through the waters of eternity to heaven.

The blog opening picture "The Three Ages of Man" was painted by Tiziano between 1512 and 1514. It shows the three ages of man.