What do I do to join NASA

Russia again refuses to participate in stepping stones to the Moon and Mars

Moscow / Washington - Russia has again emphasized that it does not want to participate in the space station planned by the USA in lunar orbit. "What NASA is now trying to do on the moon is a US project with limited involvement from other partners. We are not interested," wrote the head of the Russian space agency Roscosmos, Dmitri Rogozin, on Telegram on Monday. Russia has its own moon exploration program. It starts this year, said the Roscosmos boss without a specific date.

Russia wants to go to the moon itself from 2028

According to him, there will be manned satellite missions from 2028 onwards. According to earlier information, cosmonauts will land on the moon after 2030. Talks are currently underway with international partners - above all with China - to set up a scientific lunar base, said Rogozin. NASA has now reacted to the repeated rejection of Roskosmos and excluded Russian experts from discussions and information rounds on the Artemis Gateway project.

In principle, however, Russia is open to cooperation, he said. "We have repeatedly stated that we are ready to join a project in which all participants have equal rights." He named the International Space Station ISS as an example.

Stepping stone to the moon and Mars

The US space agency NASA wants to create an outpost in a lunar orbit with the modular Artemis Gateway station, which will be occupied by astronauts for the first time from 2024. Expeditions to the moon itself, but also to Mars, could start from there. A partner for the project is the European space agency Esa. In the fall she had signed a contract with NASA for the delivery of modules for the construction of the station. (red, APA, January 25, 2021)