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Everyone wants to be happy! But what actually makes us happy?

Happiness is a moment or feeling of contentment. We all feel happy - each in his own way.

We always want to be happy

The hormone "dopamine" in our body ensures that we are constantly doing something to be happy. If we didn't do that, we'd be tired, limp and listless. The older we get, the harder it is for us to find happiness. For example, a child is the happiest person to have a hamster. An adult needs something else to be happy.

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Everyone has their own luck

Do you think top models or super smart people are happier? One study found that these people don't automatically feel more happy. All people make happiness dependent on circumstances that they cannot influence themselves. That's why everyone is happy about something different. One of them is happy with the new Playstation 4. In another part of the world, someone of the same age is overjoyed after a sip of drinking water.

Peace is a basic requirement

In war zones, people experience constant violence, oppression and loss. Because of this, the people there are often unhappy. Even arguments in the family or among friends do not make you happy. So one of the most important prerequisites for happiness is peace - everywhere.

Can you buy yourself happy?

At first glance, buying the long-awaited smartphone, for example, makes you satisfied. Our body releases the happiness hormone "dopamine". We are happy. But as soon as there is a new smartphone, the happiness of the purchased one is blown away. Because advertising triggers the urge for us to have a product. We believe the new smartphone makes us happier. So buying only makes you happy at first glance - happiness fizzles out very quickly.

Does money make you happy?

We need money to have a roof over our heads and to eat regularly. Otherwise it would be bad for us. But that doesn't mean that rich people are happier. If you have a lot of money, you can buy a lot. You always want more. Suddenly one can no longer be happy about small things. And friends or family who make us happy cannot be bought. Then what is a huge mansion if you don't have friends to visit?

Chocolate makes happy?

It has not been clearly proven whether chocolate makes people happy. It is true that the favorite food triggers a feeling of happiness. But it should remain something special and serve as a reward.

Does success make you happy?

Successes, e.g. good grades, make you happy when we can tell someone about them. Only when others are happy can a feeling of happiness arise from success. On the other hand, if we achieve something that we did not achieve the first time, we are twice as happy.

Does love make you happy?

Yes, love makes you happy - everyone. Happiness researchers agree on that. Everyone we hold dear makes us happy. No matter if boyfriend, girlfriend, family, the dog, etc.

Conclusion: what makes you happy?

Everyone feels happiness in their own way. What makes you happy depends on the individual and the circumstances in which they live. But what is certain is that peace, love and the favorite food make everyone happy.

What makes you happy? A lot of comments under the article make us happy! 🙂

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