Has anyone gone from awkward to charismatic

Crisis in the SPÖ: Male rudeness beats female content

Apart from the tricked blue Ibiza tourists Strache and Gudenus: Hardly any politician, hardly a politician is currently worse in Austria than the SPÖ chairwoman Rendi-Wagner. She is controversial in parts of her own party, in the social media forums and by political advisers she is downplayed as "unsettled, awkward, unsympathetic, not charismatic, not stable".

Main problem: "being a woman"

"Her main problem is," says political scientist Kathrin Stainer-Hämmerle, "that she is a woman. She is very controlled and tries to be perfect. Sebastian Kurz works in a controlled manner, with her as a woman it is commented negatively. Rendi -Wagner looks good, is intelligent and slim, so there is probably an identification problem for many. "

Bernhard Heinzlmaier, sociologist, youth culture researcher and, as the former VSStÖ chairman, a contentious and controversial SPÖ intimate, sees Rendi-Wagner's problem primarily in her own ranks. "That has to do with the fact that there is a traditional culture of functionaries within the SPÖ. This is not about performance, but about success. The competition for high-value positions is conducted with intrigue and tactics and strategies of the" performative economy "." Performative economy "means" self-portrayal economy ":" Whoever presents himself best wins, "says Heinzlmaier. Many in the SPÖ who have not made it through their own achievements," feel that Pamela Rendi-Wagner cannot cope with them. " Inferiority and also trigger envy and hatred. Heinzlmaier believes that the officials "will not rest until they are brought down".

The renaissance of the guys

The psychoanalyst and sociologist Klaus Ottomeyer, who lives and teaches in Klagenfurt, sees the cause of the "Rendi-Wagner bashing" rather in the fact that "the lads, the lads, have taken command again".

"The demands on a politician today are that he acts in front of the camera with total sovereignty. How Kurz. Contents are no longer important. The prevailing opinion is that we live in a dangerous world, and that requires strong guys, masculine rudeness is asked."

This renaissance of the guys goes hand in hand with a new misogyny. "Powerful women are scary," says Ottomeyer. Thoughtful, deliberate politicians are perceived as "too strenuous". "Rendi-Wagner appears to be honest, intelligent and therefore exhausting for many." Ottomeyer sees little light for Rendi-Wagner at the moment. You will need "great stamina".

Zeiler denies talks

On Wednesday, the media manager Gerhard Zeiler denied that he was holding talks about the chairmanship of the SPÖ. And SPÖ federal manager Thomas Drozda is annoyed about the intrigues in the party, both Franz Vranitzky and Michael Häupl had assured him not to work on the replacement of Rendi-Wagner.

Internally, the former party managing director Max Lercher, who was shot by Rendi-Wagner, is still being launched as an election campaign manager. He does not want to comment on the ongoing discussion about himself. His Styrian comrades assume, however, that the bridge between party leader Rendi-Wagner and Lercher has been permanently destroyed. "There is no longer any trust." The trade unionist Willi Merny is also in discussion.

The fee for Nedeljko Bilalic, former press spokesman for Chancellor Werner Faymann and Minister Josef Ostermayer, in the amount of 20,000 euros a month for advising party leader Pamela Rendi-Wagner, also sparked discussions. Thomas Drozda, Federal Managing Director of the SPÖ, defends this amount - that is quite customary in the market, Bilalic also has to pay sales tax and pay the social security itself. But there are also voices within the SPÖ who consider the fee to be too high. Polemical postscript: especially for this achievement. In any case, your media appearances are not a figurehead for successful coaching.

The last question that arose was who signed the contract with Bilalic. In response to a renewed request from Standard, it was made clear in the party headquarters in Löwelstrasse that the contract with Bilalic was concluded under the new management, i.e. under Rendi-Wagner and Federal Managing Director Drozda. (Walter Müller, Michael Völker, June 6, 2019)