What do you secretly regret?

Make decisions you don't regret

It's not easy: Make the right decisions that you don't regret. You know exactly what you want and get started.

Above all, however, they keep coming back, these decisions that seem so big, important and not transparent to you that you first capitulate and do nothing at all.

You are undecided.


Turn in circles.

Scrolls the options back and forth.

Just don't get to the point.

The only answers you can think of: “Don't know”, “No idea.” And a clear “Yes and no!” So ​​you'd better do nothing, go around in circles and postpone the decision until tomorrow ... or sometime later.

Regardless of whether you torment yourself with a decision privately or professionally:

The worry about making the wrong decision builds up a huge barrier in front of you that inspires you with due respect.

It could be that you are secretly aware that you want to change your job. You are looking for an alternative, for something that makes more sense to you, suits you more and makes you more satisfied. You have a few ideas, but unfortunately you just don't know which of these ideas you can trust.

After your day at work, you're far too tired to worry about it, and you don't even know where to start. Above all, you don't dare to give up the security of your current job and begin the journey into uncertainty. So you just keep going

You lack the clarity to make a decision with a clear conscience.

It could also be that you are on your way to fulfilling your dream: You work independently and have just started so many ideas and projects in addition to your day-to-day business that you are totally bogged down and no longer know where to start and how to do anything at all. You don't know whether self-employment was such a good idea, it's all pretty insecure.

So you work a lot, a lot, because somehow everything has to go in parallel, everything is equally important! You don't really know yourself whether it is actually effective or not. You can no longer see the forest for the trees, but for lack of alternatives, you just keep going.

It is long time to reduce your above-average commitment a bit, to become more mindful and to get back to yourself.

Asking for help and really taking time for yourself is incredibly difficult for you.

Wherever you are at the moment, you know it's time you got support on how to make decisions now and in the future that fit you as much as you would a bespoke piece of clothing.

Make decisions you don't regret

Tadaaaa! Here it is, the method that can help you with that. That's how it works:

Today I invite you to give your ideas, your jobs, your projects, yourself or many other decisions a deeper meaning.

To do this, we divide the meaning, in this case meaningful states of ourselves, into these four categories:

  1. Give

  2. Connect

  3. To grow

  4. Be

For these categories, it is now your job to ask yourself the questions below and brainstorm what you can think of.

It's easiest when you have two options to choose from.

For example:

Should I ditch my boyfriend or do I give our relationship another chance?

Should I take on this badly paid assignment or drive my own projects that will only generate long-term returns?

Do I want to move to Munich to take on the good-sounding job or do I stay with my girlfriend in Hamburg and book further training?

Should I seek support or should I continue to muddle through the jungle of self-employment?


Task 1: brainstorm four times

For a few minutes, collect everything you can think of for each sense. To make this easier for you, you will find three questions below each that will steer you in the right direction.



Which of the options gives you the opportunity to give the world and bequeath what is important to you?

Which of your variants offers you the opportunity to achieve something for yourself and for others that is really important to you?

What is the best way to express yourself so that your message gets across?



Which of your choices is better for your private relationships?

How do your variants affect your professional contacts, your network?

What is in your possibilities, what is really important to you for the connection with people?



Which variant challenges you the most and helps you to learn something new - and what?

With which option do you acquire new knowledge and skills - and which ones?

What decision will maneuver you where you want to go (even if you may be afraid of it)?



Which of these possibilities gives you a feeling of space, freedom and makes your heart beat noticeably faster?

What elements do you use to develop into the person you want to be?

Which contents of your options really fulfill you in the long term?


2nd task: Select

Great, most of it is done! Now it's a matter of defining the most important core elements from all your answers per category.

Now is your task: Select three terms, properties and descriptions that are most important to you from all of your answers.

Write them down separately or highlight them clearly: circle them, mark them, paint them in bright colors.

Voilà: In front of you are now 12 elementary descriptions, values, beliefs, strengths, potentials, desires for you. They support you in your ambition to live independently and authentically.

These 12 terms are the coordinates for your compass, which you can use to stay on course when making decisions.

It recently looked like this for a customer (we worked in a different order):

Even if you are not yet able to make a clear decision: This exercise will help you to focus on the elements that are important to you and to give you a clear direction.

You can repeat this method at any time and apply it to a huge number of decisions:

Whenever you are in doubt, answer the questions in these four categories and make sure that you are sticking to your course with the selection of your options. So it is suddenly possible: Make decisions that you do not regret.

It's actually quite simple. ♥ ️

Where do you just not know how to make up your mind?

If you don't know how to do it on your own, take a look at my coaching offers here.