When should i take protein?

Should you be consuming protein shakes?

Why are protein shakes so popular? The answer is simple: after exercise, muscle building should be optimally supported and this is best done with an extra portion of proteins, which should be supplied to the body as quickly as possible after exercise. Protein shakes are suitable for this, for example from Foodspring, additives for muesli or simply for water, for example from Your Super or bars, for example from Huel. The advantage: They are easy to prepare and quickly supply the body with protein.

The effect of protein shakes

If muscle is to be built, it is important that athletes not only eat high-protein after a training session, but also generally pay attention to a healthy and protein-rich diet. It doesn't help if you mix up a protein shake after your workout and neglect your diet for the rest of the week. Because muscle build-up happens up to 36 hours after training. You should also make sure to limit your salt consumption and consume little sugar. Protein-containing meals with vegetable and animal proteins provide the ideal basis for training. The protein shake then works as an optimal supplement.

What should you look out for in protein shakes?

If you want to use protein powder, you should pay close attention to the composition. The protein content should be at least 80 grams per 100 grams of powder. The proportion of carbohydrates, on the other hand, should be less than seven grams per 100 grams of protein powder. Many protein shakes contain too many carbohydrates and this is particularly unfavorable for fat loss. Choose products that are free from sugar, aspartame (synthetic sweetener), colors, preservatives, and artificial flavors. Good protein shakes contain a high biological value for optimal support of muscle building. Ingredients such as whey protein, casein and egg albumin are indicators of a high quality product. Inferior protein, such as wheat protein or collagen protein, is often used in cheap protein shakes. You should stay away from that. The seal of the Cologne List, a database with tested dietary supplements for athletes and the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) logo, provides good orientation.

If you don't want to mix your shake completely yourself, you can also access providers such as Huel, YourSuper or Foodspring. The shakes are quick and easy to prepare. It doesn't always have to be mixed, however: skimmed quark with carbohydrates such as mangomous provide sufficient protein.

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Lose weight with protein shakes

If you want to lose weight, one or two snacks between meals can be replaced with a protein shake. If you want to reduce your weight, protein shakes are ideal because they fill you up for a long time. This is why a protein shake is a better choice than a meal with carbohydrates, especially as a snack between meals. Prepare the shake with skimmed milk. In addition, the protein powder should have a low carbohydrate content. The other meals should be healthy and balanced so as not to minimize the positive effects of the shakes.

Alternatives to protein shakes

"Regular intake of protein shakes per se is not necessary for the normal amateur athlete", says Gerrit Neuhaus, sports scientist, personal trainer and nutrition expert - if you eat healthily. Then the body is easily supplied with an average of 30 grams of protein per meal, it is usually not able to process more. However, it is particularly important to mix protein-containing foods such as a portion of low-fat quark with carbohydrates (for example mangomous). "Put simply, this combination is used to ensure that the carbohydrates increase the insulin level and the important amino acid chains are transported out of the proteins," says the nutrition expert. But if things have to go quickly, recreational athletes can of course also use protein shakes as an alternative.

Protein shakes alone do not lead to success

As a general rule, drinking protein shakes alone does not help. In order to successfully build muscles, a combination of a conscious and protein-rich diet and personal training with effective regeneration phases is essential. However, protein shakes promote muscle building and keep the protein intake stable. However, this does not mean that they can replace a balanced diet.