An age difference is important

10 reasons for a relationship with a large age difference

Nevertheless, we at CarlMarie have found ten reasons why MAN or WOMAN should trust their feelings and not do without a partnership with a large age difference.

1. You can look hot at any age

There are numerous examples of men and women who are sexy even as they mature. Denzel Washington is over 60, as is Meryl Streep. Sean Connery was voted Sexiest Man Alive when he was almost 60. Well, these are celebrities who are also significantly more charismatic and handsome than the average person. But these examples show in any case that you don't necessarily have to be in your youthful bloom to be an eye-catcher. Many people become even more attractive with age, similar to a good wine. So when you find someone like that irresistible, it's a perfectly natural thing.

2. Such a relationship can make you grow

You can learn a lot from a partner who is completely different from you. So, such a relationship can be very good for personal growth. And if it doesn't work out between the two of you, then you learn from it and grow into someone who may know your wants and needs better because of your mature age. In every relationship there are problems sooner or later and then both partners have to fight to get back on track together. Overcoming these problems means growing.

3. Every relationship has its obstacles

Granted, there are a few specific problems that can arise when the partner is significantly younger or older. A younger friend may want to party way too often, and a significantly older friend may not be able to open up to a more modern and liberal point of view. But if you give yourself a little time to think about it, you will find that every relationship eventually encounters its obstacles. Completely regardless of how big the age difference is. For example, a couple of the same age can have completely different social backgrounds, have different views on the subject of “monogamy” or have completely opposite euphoria about travel. In a relationship with a large age difference, one should not necessarily assume that this is afflicted with greater problems per se.

4. Maturity is more important

A relationship is less about age and more about maturity. One cannot assume that a 45-year-old is more mature than a 25-year-old. Some younger people are quite grown up, while older people act like young children. The personality is primarily determined by thinking and behavior, values ​​and perspectives. If they match your own, then you're on the winning side. Quite the opposite of a MAN or WOMAN choosing a partner just because he is younger.

5. Dating someone who suits you

You have met someone who loves the same food, the same movies or books, with whom you can laugh and be sad together. This person puts a smile on your face and a twinkle in your eyes and you get heart pounding when you see him. It just fits - but there's this age difference that tells you: No, I can't go out with someone ... Wrong: if that's all like that, then you've fallen in love and then you can quickly forget the 20-year age difference.

6. Such a relationship can be much more interesting

Dating someone who shares exactly the same experiences and views as your own can also get terribly boring. What can we really talk about? How much do you agree with everything? Maybe the big yawn comes over you. Flirting with someone who brings completely different and new things to the table can be a lot more fun. Someone from a different generation can possibly open up completely different horizons.

7. Age does not mean that certain things will or will not work

Certain ideas have become entrenched in most people. A 20-year-old does not want to move in with his partner. A 50-year-old already has children, so he doesn't want any more. A 30 year old is the perfect age to settle down and have children. Can be right, but doesn't have to be. You just shouldn't think that your own age or that of the other inevitably defines where you are in life. Today it can happen that the 50-year-old still wants children and the 30-year-old cannot imagine anything worse. Instead of making speculative assumptions, talk to the person you meet about a few nice things. And when the time is right, discuss what both are looking for in the future.

8. Who cares what others think?

Starting a relationship with a large age gap is often accompanied by fear of what others might think about it. The judgment of the environment can rob you of the ease. But actually you shouldn't give anything to it at all. There is always the option to explain it to good friends or to break up with others if you are tired of their negativity. As long as you know your intentions are good, who cares what others think?

9. Help fight the stigma

If you want to be with someone who is a different age, then you should. You should do it, of course, primarily for yourself and your own happiness. But the decision will also help others. The more people see others in a partnership with a large age difference, the more normal it becomes. The more natural you behave in such a relationship, the more you show others that love is love, no matter what.

10. You should be living in the moment

In such a relationship, the partners often have thoughts of the future: "When I'm 50, then she's already 70 and maybe already on her way to the retirement home." But who really knows where the two of you will be in 20 or 30 years? It doesn't make a lot of sense to worry about what could happen in the next few years. Rather, you take the risk of grabbing an opportunity and experiencing something that could be great at that moment.


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