Is vinegar gluten-free

7. Home appliances

Very strange, you will think now. Since when have household appliances been a source of gluten and, above all, since when do you eat them? Household appliances then become sources of gluten and can be problematic for gluten intolerants if there are e.g. B. is a toaster in which gluten-containing bread was toasted beforehand and as a result it is still full of gluten-containing crumbs, which can then also end up on the subsequently toasted gluten-free bread.

Even a flour mill should not become a source of gluten if someone who is gluten intolerant lives in the household. No cereals containing gluten should then be ground in this flour mill. Caution is also advised with the grill, on which gluten-containing rolls or breaded schnitzel were grilled.

People who are extremely sensitive to gluten should therefore have their own household appliances, which no other family member may then "contaminate" with gluten-containing foods and which then cannot become dangerous sources of gluten. In addition to the equipment mentioned above, this also includes the flaker.

8. Lip balm

Some cosmetic products - such as lip balms and toothpaste - can be sources of gluten. They are also swallowed to a certain extent automatically. Here, gluten-sensitive people should take a careful look at the product content lists, which will show whether they contain a hidden source of gluten.

If ingredients with the terms Triticum (wheat, e.g. Triticum aestivum, Triticum vulgare), Hordeum (barley) or Avena (oats) appear, then gluten contamination can be assumed.

9. Vitamins, Supplements, and Medicines

Many vitamins, dietary supplements and medicines can also be sources of gluten. These products often contain fillers. Often it is gluten-free corn starch. However, it can also contain gluten-containing fillers, so when choosing such products you should carefully clarify what exactly it contains in order not to accidentally swallow a source of gluten.

In the case of celiac disease, which resents even the smallest traces of gluten, when shopping or dining in the restaurant / canteen you should be very careful to only select truly gluten-free products and avoid potential sources of gluten.

Gluten sensitivity without celiac disease does not require a very strict procedure. However, one should at least consider the possible gluten sources described in points 1 to 4 and avoid them as much as possible.


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