What is a career in digital marketing

Digital Marketing Manager: Job Profile and Career Opportunities

Job description: Digital Marketing Manager?

What is digital marketing?

This marketing variant is an umbrella term for all online marketing activities. Companies use digital channels such as searches in Google, various social media as well as e-mails and their own websites. The focus is on getting in touch with both potential customers and the existing customer base.

Jobs are so popular in this industry because more and more people spend a lot of time online and buying behavior has changed drastically. Social media is becoming more and more important. It is therefore not surprising that numerous job vacancies are not only advertised in large cities such as Berlin, Hamburg and Munich, but also in rural regions.

Nowadays, many people purchase products online, so traditional offline marketing is less important than it was a few years ago. In online marketing, contact is made with the target group at the right time and in the right place - i.e. on the Internet.

Tasks and day-to-day work of a digital marketing manager

Companies and organizations offer their products on the Internet and other digital channels. Representatives of this professional group investigate the online behavior of users and develop efficient marketing strategies based on the results of the investigation.

Whether as an employee, junior, senior or manager, it is your job to present a company on the social web and to draw users' attention to it. To do this, you use different tactics and use different techniques.

You design your own website, you write articles for blogs and you also use e-books and white papers. In addition to infographics and interactive tools, you can also address target groups in social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. The field of e-commerce includes online reporting, the creation of online brochures and lookbooks. This job also focuses on branding materials like logos and fonts.

As an analyst, junior, senior, or manager, you use key tactics to address the target audience. The most popular tactic is search engine optimization, also known as SEO. The focus of SEO is on increasing the visibility of a website for users of a web search engine. Put simply, SEO helps customers find a company or product more easily. In addition, content should be conveyed to the respective target group. If the design of the website is also appealing, interested parties usually stay longer on the website.

In addition to content marketing, inbound marketing is also an important focus in this business. In addition to social media marketing, e-commerce also deals with the pay-per-click tactic. Other strategies are partner marketing, native advertising as well as marketing automation. Online PR and email marketing are also some of the most popular methods in this industry.

Another focus is the planning and implementation of marketing concepts. As an analyst, you do not only research market data, but also statistics and you make arrangements with your colleagues on the design of the company's appearance. In addition to the content, the design plays an important role, as it can have a positive influence on the length of time spent on the website. If you work as an analyst, plan your corporate identity for apps and digital media.

In this business you should be able to work independently as well as in a team, as there are some projects to be carried out alone or together with designers and software developers.

You should be happy to be in contact with customers, as you should exchange ideas with them and respond to their individual wishes. The command of the written and spoken German and English is an important prerequisite for this job.

Digital marketing specialists support customers with digitization, as mobile applications are the be-all and end-all nowadays.

As an employee of a company, you will inform customers about the various options for using mobile and digital applications. In addition, you show the current trends in this business and offer solutions, for example in the form of an app.

Researching market data helps to get to know competition and customer relationships. You will discuss the results obtained with employees from the areas of sales, web design, design, web design, programming and marketing.

This job is extremely varied, as each customer and each order is different. You should therefore have a high degree of flexibility and a good feeling for trends.

What does a digital marketing manager earn?

You are a sought-after all-rounder who can make a career. Large companies are willing to pay between EUR 41,000 and EUR 60,000 gross annually for their services.

The salary range as an SEO manager ranges from 39,000 to 75,000 gross annually. Content managers earn between 32,000 and almost 60,000 euros gross per year.

The salary of your job depends on the area of ​​responsibility and the area of ​​responsibility. Another factor that will affect your salary is where the company is located. For example, you don't earn the same amount in Munich as in Berlin or Hamburg.

Find out in advance in which regions of the country the salary for this job is highest.

As an inexperienced employee, you earn less than a junior, senior, or manager. If you have set yourself the goal of working in management, professional experience in online marketing is just as important as additional training.

You can improve your salary by completing further training and specializing after the internship.

Another criterion for the salary is whether you work full-time or part-time. Of course, full-time salaries are higher.

Employers / industries: who is hiring digital marketing specialists?

The job prospects are not only excellent as a junior, senior or manager. Numerous companies are looking for skilled employees and career opportunities are also very good as an analyst. You can apply for a job in management with sufficient professional experience and the necessary further training.

Online marketing is necessary in all industries and therefore there are numerous professions to choose from.

Potential employers include agencies, marketing and communication departments of companies and consulting firms also hire experts in the field of e-commerce. You can apply to a trade association or take a job in a non-profit organization. Possible employers are advertising agencies and companies that specialize in public relations. You also have the option to apply to an app developer or software developer.

Digital Marketing Manager: Job Market and Job Search

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