Have you ever had a crush on your childhood?

10 types of love you will experience in your life

You may have had your share of love experiences. But do you know the ten types of love that you will definitely experience in your life, no matter what?

Love is a fun thing.

It comes in so many colors and ways that it is almost impossible to predict the type of love you would experience until you actually experience it.

But as confusing, happy, or even painful as it may seem, love is still something we all look forward to.

All your life you will find yourself will experience one of these ten kinds of love in many circumstances and almost all of the time.

And eventually you will experience all of these ten kinds of love if you choose to!

The ten kinds of love

Without really getting into theories and styles of love that can end up complicating your mind, let's talk about real life and the experiences you are having in your own life.

Read these ten types of love and if there are some types that you haven't experienced yet, don't worry, it's just around th The Corner.

And if you think that some of the types of love mentioned here are not really the type of love your mom told you about, think again because your brain really believes it is really an experience of love is!

# 1 Platonic love

Platonic love is the simplest of all kinds. There are no threads and no sexual intentions. It's pure, kind, and something we experience at a young age when we still don't know why we have the things that we have in our underwear.

The kind of relationships one shares with siblings, close childhood friends, and even a few adult friends can fall here. Do you remember the first time you missed a friend? That was probably your first platonic love moment.

# 2 Limence and crushes

Have you ever had a crush on someone Of course you have! First crush is a memorable experience, one that is filled with confusing bumps in the stomach, sudden urges to vomit, and a silly sense of grinning satisfaction every time you see your crush. It's a lovely experience, even if it felt like your life depended on it at the time.

Limence, on the other hand, has a crush on it, but much more intense and "weird". Have you ever loved someone but never wanted to express your love for them like a teacher or an actor or even a crush? Sometimes you may be deeply in love with someone, but still you don't want to spoil the happy thoughts by doing something about it. Have you ever been there?

# 3 Unrequited love

Unrequited love is a love filled with heartbreak and one that almost all of us have experienced. It is the dreaded one-sided love where you like someone and you know that person will never like you again. They can be in a relationship or they can just use you. You feel more in love with each passing day, even though you know that you will never get happiness from this kind of love.

This is the kind of love that gives love a bad name. But guess what, it also helps you understand the true value of mutual love.

# 4 Obsessive love

Are you an obsessive lover or someone who is addicted to their partner? Do you feel helpless and lonely without that special someone in your arms?

Are you sure you are not close to being clingy? If you've ever been an obsessive lover, there is a good chance that you drained your partner's life and upset them until they eventually left you on the curb.

Obsessive love is usually experienced by beginners in love for the first time, probably after dealing with the creepy unrequited love. Obsessive lovers are scared, insecure, and obviously obsessed with the relationship.

Well, maybe you were one or someone like that. It's a phase we all go through when we're scared of losing someone we love. But when you or your partner has security issues, there is no hope of a happy ending.

# 5 Selfish love

Selfish love is smart. And although it involves two people to create this relationship, selfish love also involves two people in love with one person.

Your partner loves you. You love yourself.

Selfish love is a narcissistic love in which you don't worry about your partner or your happiness. You only care about yourself. If you ever get into a relationship for just one relationship without actually falling in love with the other person, then you are likely a selfish lover.

Selfish lovers are crafty, scheming foxes who only get into a relationship to see what they can do with it.

Ever dated someone just to look cooler or to achieve something for personal gain? If you have, tick the selfish lover from the list. If you haven't, wait and see how you use someone at some point in your life. Don't worry, it will happen someday.

# 6 Awww love

Awww ... that's so cute. This type of love is the most spontaneous, yet the one that you are most likely to forget. It takes a few seconds, sometimes less, and some other times a lot longer.

Do you love cats, dogs, goats ... any animals? Or maybe a car or a tree? Sometimes we all feel an overwhelming sense of love for one thing or the other, and it doesn't have to be a person. It's love at first sight, and yet, it's not something you want to sleep with at night (mostly). We have all seen our hearts melt when we look at vacation photos or a little kitten or puppy on YouTube. Been there and done that, and yes, you experienced a different kind of love.

# 7 Same-sex love

Have you ever felt an intense burst of happiness when seeing a friend of the same sex? You're both straight, you don't cuddle and you don't grope each other. But somehow you just love that person, and you either have a crush on a guy or you have a crush on your boyfriend with a girl.

Same-sex love is an emotion you feel for your boyfriend or even a celebrity, but it has less to do with sexual attraction and more to do with awe, respect, and admiration.

# 8 Lusty love

Have you ever seen someone who got you wet? Have you ever had a crush on someone who makes you do things when you're alone in bed? Yeah, you experienced lustful love!

Lustful love is the type of love you feel when you desire someone or enter into a relationship with someone you are extremely sexually attracted to. The first few weeks are all about sex and positions, and it only takes them a few seconds to throw each other's clothes on the floor. If any of your relationships are more about the bed and less about trees and flowers, then you are in lustful love, my dear.

# 9 Romantic love

Butterflies, bliss, and Louis Armstrong's "What A Miracle" is all you need to think about when experiencing romantic love. It's beautiful, sweet love at its best.

You feel the flutter of butterflies in your stomach, the world looks so much more beautiful and you can't hold back that grin no matter what you do. You want to be with your sweetheart all the time, and even when you're not together, you can't help but be together.

You are happy. Your lover is happy. The world is happy for you. And you have the time of your life!

# 10 Unconditional love

Blessed are the lovers who experience this special kind of love for one another. It's not easy, and it's definitely not something most people even want to try. But if you ever took a leap of faith, you'd see what true love really feels like.

Do you love someone more than yourself? Are you more interested in your lover than anything else? You will likely experience unconditional love. Unconditional love is the stuff fairy tales and romance novels are made of. When both care for each other and love each other selflessly, you are in the middle of a special kind of love that few ever experience but seek all their lives.

If you want to make sure you experience this tenth kind of love, then take a leap of faith and really rely on someone who loves you. With a little trust, communication, and hope, you could soon be living through this great experience that dreams are made of!

And there it is, the ten kinds of love that you will definitely experience in your life as long as you are ready to take a chance and dive into the waters of love. How many kinds of love have you had so far?