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5 tips on how to win new customers in the service sector

B2B marketing in the service sector is a matter of trust. Unlike when buying a product, the new customer cannot know exactly what services to expect before the contract is awarded. Many B2B companies in the service sector are therefore faced with the challenge of convincing potential customers of your skills. But how can you prove that and win new customers as a freelance service provider? Here are tips on what measures you can take to drive new customer acquisition.

  1. Build networks: Establishing contacts is the first big step in acquiring new customers. Services are best sold in a personal conversation - because you are not only selling your service, but also yourself at the same time. So look for partners, visit relevant round tables and use the opportunity to benefit from their customer networks.
  2. Act as a specialist: You can present yourself as experts in presentations at trade fairs or relevant events. It is important to offer potential customers added value and not to sell their services flatly. The same applies to writing articles in content marketing: Show your skills by posting tips and experiences in blogs or specialist magazines. That works better than simple ads and at the same time you score with your knowledge.
  3. Social media: Use networks like XING or LinkedIn to get in touch with potential customers. In groups you will find people with relevant interests. You can drive new customer acquisition on this channel by addressing them directly or by offering interesting content, such as an interesting blog article or a reference.
  4. Press work: Get others to share about you. This also increases your findability on the Internet. Press releases that are published on online portals alongside traditional marketing strategies can also help. These increase the findability in the network.
  5. Use recommendations: A contract award in the B2B service sector can be positively influenced by customer references. Every customer likes to refer to successful projects. Especially when it comes to trusting a service provider and his skills. References are ideally published on social media profiles or integrated into the press release.


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