Which language has the shortest words

Of flange screws and board smashers

Reading in the dermatologist's waiting room, I came across the word in the newspaper Game reserve permit, which I liked in its center, that is, this enclosure-pleasant. So many g! So many e! You think about it immediately, don't you? Because, if there is a permit for a exhibit, doesn't there also have to be, uh, a legislature for the enclosure?

In any case, that's seven e in one word.

I grabbed my smartphone and clicked around the internet where there are wondrous things, the longest monosyllabic word (you snore or you too shrink), the shortest three-syllable word (Ikea), also words in which all vowels appear in alphabetical order (skimmed milk yogurt, water skiing club, meat consumption), yes, at Araei output, the laying performance of a parrot, one has aeiou one after the other. You can find something like this on the beautiful faql.de website by Ralph Babel.

Most read this week:

Or, here, the word with the most consonants in a row: Sweat of fear is often mentioned Flange screw or Congratulations, that's eight, after all, but almost a little unfair because that sch consists of three letters, but is only one sound.

Those are the debates you get into.

If you leave that sch is away Autumn plant record-breaking with seven consonants. Otherwise a mixture of two Russian soups would be unbeatable, borscht and shchi, that is, borschtschschtschi. But nobody is like that, so eats, I mean.

Which is the word with the most consecutive vowels? I liked the Donauau afforestation because of this auauau, also the zoooologist, who is an egg scientist (oologist) who works in the zoo. But if you find just as little in the Duden as the Nausikaaaaal soup, that is (or shall we say: would be) a soup made from eels from the river Aa by Nausicaa, the daughter of the king of the Phaeacians. But if you would not be accepted in Scrabble, I think, especially since there are only five A-stones, so you would need one of the blank stones for it.

I plugged the smartphone back in.

Words with e began to sprawl in my head.

Misappropriated, nerve-wracking, elevator boss, liver pain, disgusting, complaints center. I liked the board smash a lot, but it's only six e's, isn't it? But if the board-smashing man were married, he was living in a board-smashing marriage, right? Well Eight.

For a moment, I was annoyed that people spelled Leberkässemmel with ä, the excess of Leberkässemmello would have been too nice. Sailing, sailing competition, sailing competition rules, sailing competition rulebook, sailing competition rulebook improver.

Twelve e, sounds good, doesn't it?

On the Internet there had been the word noble berry ashberry jelly, also twelve e, we now had that. The jelly just needs to be kept somewhere. How about a blueberry jelly mug? However, these noble ash berries probably don't produce a lot of jelly, so a small noble ash berry jelly mug would be better.

Huuuuh! 15!

I was called into the doctor's office. Why was I here again?

I pointed to a reddening of the skin on my right hand that had troubled me.

The word companion shot through my mind. Would this be the second animal in the enclosure to join the first, a deer maybe in the deer enclosure? Or rather a job, the man who takes care of the enclosure, working for the enclosure master, a roe deer companion?

Eczema, said the doctor. A classic roe deer mate disease.

No, of course he didn't say.

But he gave me cream.