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Share photos and videos on your iPhone

“Share Suggestions” is a group of photos that you took during a specific event that you could share with the people who appear in the photos. After you've shared your photos, recipients will automatically be asked to reverse-share their photos of the same event with you. The Share Suggestions require iCloud Photos Sharing to be turned on, but the photos you share can be viewed by anyone.

  1. Tap the For You tab, then tap a collection of photos in the Suggestions to Share section.

  2. Tap Select and add or remove photos from the selection. Then tap on "Next".

    The Photos app suggests that you share photos you have taken with the people who attended the event that created the photos with you. However, you are free to choose who you want to share the photos with and you can also add other people to the suggestion list.

  3. Tap Share To Messages.

    • You can send the link to more friends or stop sharing it. To do this, tap on the collection and then on and select "Copy iCloud link" or "Stop sharing".

    • To remove a collection of photos from the Share Suggestions section, tap and then on "Remove suggestion to share".

Do you need further help? For more information, see the Apple Support article Get suggestions to share in the Photos app.