What is RSS News Feed

What is RSS, what do I need RSS for and how do I subscribe to RSS feeds from Deutsche Welle?

What is an RSS feed?

An RSS feed consists of an XML file that contains the purely structured content, but does not contain any layout, navigation or other additional information.

What do I need RSS for?

RSS enables the user to subscribe to the content of a website - or parts of it. Content can be automatically loaded onto the user's computer (or other end device) using RSS. This means that the subscriber receives the latest information automatically and conveniently. The order is not limited to pure text content, but also includes audio or video content.

What are the technical requirements for a subscription?

An RSS reader is required to subscribe to an RSS feed. This ensures that the content is automatically updated and displayed. Both browser-based readers (e.g. Google Reader, My Yahoo, Newsgator, Netvibes), with which personally compiled RSS feeds can be read from any computer, as well as local applications for download are offered. Some of the readers are available online for free. You can find a comprehensive overview, for example, on the website www.rss-verzeichnis.de.

How do I subscribe to Deutsche Welle's RSS feeds?

All Deutsche Welle feeds are listed in the "RSS" section. To subscribe, you only need to copy the desired feed address into your reader or click on one of the suggested RSS readers.
With the help of certain browsers, for example Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer, feeds can be subscribed to directly from a website.

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