What is an international import certificate

BAFA import certificates

The Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA) has published information on the receipt of goods certificate (WEB) and international import certificate (IEB) on its website (HERE).

These certificates are requested by German importers if they (want to) import sensitive goods from the third country and the supervisory authority in the delivery country requires such an arrival certificate in accordance with the export control regulations there. The purpose is to transfer the obligation to monitor sensitive goods from the control authorities of the delivery country to the supervisory authorities of the receiving country.

With a WEB, the actual arrival of the goods in the country of destination is confirmed on the basis of an issued international import certificate. In the country of delivery / third country, the WEB is referred to as a "Delivery Verification Certificate".

In certain cases, an IEB is a prerequisite for the licensing authority of the delivery country to issue an export license. In the country of delivery / third country, the IEB is referred to as the "International Import Certificate".

The leaflets contain descriptions for importers of the cases in which the certificates are required, how the application forms are to be completed and the application process. The website also offers the option of filling out the forms electronically after registering with BAFA once.