Who was black in the Bible

Are there black people mentioned in the Bible?

We can say with reasonable certainty that the Bible mentions black people, even though the Bible does not specifically identify anyone as black-skinned. Nor is a person specifically referred to as white-skinned in the Bible. A person's skin color is rarely mentioned in the Bible; skin color is meaningless to the basic message of the Bible.

Most of the Bible took place in the Middle East, in and around Israel. Neither “white” nor “black” people are common in these regions. Most of the people in the Bible were "Semitic," with light brown to dark brown complexions. But it doesn't really matter what skin color people were in the Bible.

Some scholars believe that Moses ‘Mrs. Zippora could have been black because she was a Cushite woman (Numbers 12: 1). Kush is an ancient name for an area in Africa. Sulamith could have been black (Song of Songs 1: 5), even if the context indicates that her skin was dark from working in the sun. Some assume that Bathsheba (2 Samuel 11: 3) was black. Some believe that the Queen of Sheba who visited Solomon (1 Kings 10: 1) was black. Simon of Cyrene (Matthew 27:32) was possibly black, and also "Simeon, called Niger" in Acts 13: 1. The Ethiopian chamberlain in Acts 8:37 was almost certainly black. Ethiopians and Africans are mentioned around 40 times in the Bible and we can assume that these are references to black people, since Ethiopians are black-skinned. The prophet Jeremiah asked: "Can a Moor change his skin" (Jeremiah 13:23) - the assumption that Jeremiah refers to dark skin is quite natural.

Most Bible teachers believe that black people are descendants of Noah's son Ham (Genesis 10: 6-20), but we can't be sure because the Bible doesn't say exactly. When it comes to skin color, the Bible is always silent. The color of the skin is not as important to God as the condition of the heart. The gospel is universal good news. Blacks and whites and all shades in between are invited to come to Christ for salvation. By the grace of God we can take our eyes off the skin and focus on the soul.


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Are there black people mentioned in the Bible?
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