How are counseling talks

Care advice

Which questions are asked most frequently in care counseling?

Often it is family caregivers who are looking for relief. Caring for family members in need of care is not only physically demanding, but also mentally. Many are initially convinced: I can do it. But if the care situation lasts longer, maybe even for years, there comes a point at which you can no longer do it alone. Then people turn to care counseling.

What topics can nursing advisors provide information on?

Nursing advisors will provide you with information on various questions that may arise in the care situation - for example, when it comes to organizing care either at home or in a nursing home.

If you want to know what costs you will have to pay and what the long-term care insurance will pay, the care advisory service can help you. You will also support care advisors with applications for benefits, with the appointment with the reviewer from MEDICPROOF or the Medical Service of the Health Insurance Fund (MDK) or with the search for the right care service.

Many questions are usually answered quickly, others require more intensive advice. The care advisor is happy to take the time to do this. He * She comes to you not just once, but as often and for as long as the situation requires. During the first visit, the counselor will first analyze the situation with you and your relatives. Then he * she will consider with you which offers from long-term care insurance or the city or municipality are suitable for you. Nursing counselors also establish contact with self-help groups or other offers in your area.

How does nursing advice help?

Caregiving relatives are often alone with what they experience and what they achieve. Since these people are important caregivers for those in need of care, it is important to avoid permanent excessive demands. Long-term care insurance offers various services to relieve caregivers, for example preventive care. The care advisory service provides information about these and other long-term care insurance benefits to relieve relatives and helps to apply for them.