Why do software developers change jobs?

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One is looking for a more interesting job, the other for a nicer boss. The reasons for changing jobs are as different as the jobs. Many employees who are looking for a new employer lack personal recognition, they want to develop further. Other employees are also dissatisfied, but do not dare to give up their current job. HR manager and business coach Volker Buhl recommends changing after a certain period of time in a company: "This inspires you professionally as well as personally ..." It is important to get to know new industries, management styles and corporate cultures and to develop a broad spectrum Build a radius of experience. "Staying in one position for too long can have a negative impact on your own career, especially in the IT sector," warns career advisor Svenja Hofert. "More than three years in an unchanged position without adding new topics and tasks are critical".

  1. Where do young computer scientists want to work?
    The Trendence consultancy surveyed 583 young professionals who have completed a degree in (business) computer science and have between one and eight years of professional experience.
  2. The German Aerospace Center ...
    ... landed in 25th place among the most attractive employers for IT specialists.
  3. Deutsche Bank ..
    is one of the user companies in this country with the largest IT departments. For the young professionals in 24th place.
  4. Uwe Dumslaff, CTO of Capgemini, ..
    ... has 400 vacancies a year to fill. The IT service provider came in 22nd in the employer ranking, as did ...
  5. the Max Planck Society.
    Research is very popular with young computer scientists.
  6. The Federal Office for Information Security,
    BSI for short is the only authority that has made it among the most attractive employers. (19th place)
  7. The EADS Group ...
    , here in the picture the Airbus A350, also landed in 19th place.
  8. Daimler ...
    .. manufactures cars that appeal to IT specialists and shares 19th place with the BSI and EADS.
  9. Lufthansa ...
    has been a popular employer for years, this time in 18th place.
  10. The Volkswagen Group, ..
    ... here in the picture the Autostadt in Wolfsburg, comes 17th among computer scientists.
  11. The Boston Consulting Group ....
    makes it to 16th place and is one of three management consultancies among the top 20 attractive IT employers.
  12. With McKinsey ..
    the next management consultancy follows in 15th place.
  13. Deutsche Telekom ..
    ..and Germany's largest IT service provider T-Systems come in 14th place. The group currently has more than 100 vacancies.
  14. Claudia Eckert, Head of Fraunhofer Aisec ..
    ... can be happy: The Fraunhofer Gesellschaft landed in 13th place, making it the research institution that is best placed.
  15. Accenture ...
    .. is ranked 12th the most popular IT consultancy for young computer scientists.
  16. The Bosch Group ...
    not only known for drilling machines, but one of the largest automotive suppliers made it to 11th place.
  17. Porsche,
    ... also in 9th place, is one of three car manufacturers among the top ten. Attractive products have an impact on the image as an employer.
  18. Siemens
    was still the most popular employer for IT specialists ten years ago, today Germany’s largest corporation only ranks 7th.
  19. Audi ..
    ... in 6th place is popular not only among young IT specialists, but also among young professionals from other disciplines, who even ranked the Ingolstadt-based company in second place.
  20. SAP ..
    ... here in the picture, Chairman of the Supervisory Board Hasso Plattner and Co-CEO Jim Hagemann Snabe, made it to 5th place.
  21. Apple ...
    .. has attractive products and is therefore in fourth place. However, the group is reluctant to provide information on applications, vacancies or careers.
  22. With BMW ..
    In second place, a car manufacturer made it into the top 3 IT employers for the first time. Munich is looking for a large number of IT experts for projects such as Connected Drive, and there are currently around 130 IT positions to be filled across the entire group.
  23. And the winner is ...
    ... once again and with a great distance Google. Around 130 technology specialists work in the Munich office for the Internet company, which ...
  24. .. offers free food.
    Googlers like to make use of this, so that they gain an average of seven pounds, sometimes seven kilos.

Those who hold on for too long are more often confronted with the involuntary change. Divisions are outsourced or closed. "The forced dismissal after a long period of service plunges many employees into trauma because they perceive it as humiliation," says Ina Lange. The outplacement consultant must always remind her customers of the skills they have and motivate them to start a new beginning. The latter becomes more difficult the longer an employee has been in a company and the less their tasks have changed. "In IT, there is also the fact that employees with many years in the same company are often very specialized or are no longer up to date with technological developments," says Svenja Hofert.

50plus or part-time: difficult job change

Most often, skilled workers change jobs voluntarily when they are between 20 and 40 years old. An unwritten law is that at the age of 50, the sound limit for a job change is reached. In the course of the demographic development, a trend reversal is foreseeable. Applicants over 50 are asked if they have very good methodological and communicative skills like experienced project managers. Older system administrators, on the other hand, have little choice. The high salary expectations also hinder a change of experienced skilled workers.

It is not the salary but the working time model that makes it difficult for many women who want to combine family and career to change jobs: It is difficult for them to find a (new) part-time job. "However, 80 percent jobs and home office in IT are tolerated more often than in other industries due to the often virtual teamwork," says Hofert.