How do I find a lesbian friend

Lesbian and can't find a partner

Hello everyone,

Right at the beginning my basic problem: I'm 25 years old, lesbian and also deal with it fairly openly (I make no secret of it and speak openly about it if necessary), but can't find a partner.

I have had 2 longer lasting relationships with women so far, the last one broke up 2 years ago. After that, I only started to be seriously interested in another woman once - but, as life goes, she was of course straight.

I refuse to visit the scene, that's just not my thing and it is reluctant from deep inside, as experience has shown that I find it extremely dubious, dirty and reduced to sexual, although this is actually "said" to gays. Whatever. I can't and won't do anything with that.

Now I am slowly getting the feeling that I am conveying something to the outside world that leads to the assumption that I am not open to a new relationship.

Surely it cannot be that, despite my education, my humor, my easy-going manner and my relatively handsome appearance, I don't get to know a woman in a normal context who is interested in me ... I often read in forums that it is relevant lack of self-confidence ... Well, I have no problem, for example, approaching people or making new acquaintances ... What else can it be?

Maybe someone is feeling the same way?

best regards