What are the healthiest sandwiches from Subways

Are Subway Sandwiches Healthier Than McDonald's Burgers?

Subway sandwiches as a healthy fast food alternative to burgers from McDonalds and Co? The chain with the big, yellow M is still ahead of the game in this country, thanks in part to the recent introduction of new products and the redesign of the branches. But Subway is about to overtake McDonalds.

Subway sandwiches versus McDonalds burger - the fight is on. The worldwide Branch network the sandwich chain has become that of the burger giant outnumbered. In terms of sales, McDonalds is still ahead of the game - and clearly. But Subway is on the rise. Thanks to smart marketing and the spread of the right image at the right time, the franchise company is enjoying growing popularity. The only question is: are Subway sandwiches really that healthyas is claimed?

Subway: the customer is king

Allegedly healthy fast food is the hit in the takeaway industry. And Subway recognized this trend a long time ago. The sandwiches offered here, the so-called subs, follow Consumer wishes - literally. Because every customer can be his sub put together yourself, from the type of bread to the choice of meat and vegetables to the sauces and additional spices. Each sandwich can also be used as a salad or as a Wrap be ordered.

These diversity attracts customers of all ages and backgrounds, from fast food-loving teenagers to nutrition-conscious businesspeople. Everyone who is also at his Snacks between meals on the quality respects his food, is drawn to the subway concept. Who, however, on stricter diet is better to stay away from this fast food, or at least stay away from it allthink carefullywhat he eats.

Subway sandwiches: healthy alternative to burgers?

"Eat fresh" is the motto of the sandwich chain. The products are fresh and healthy, so the promise. Sounds good, but what's really behind it? In terms of ingredients, the sandwich probably doesn't differ much from the burger. The preparation and Compilation but should fix it. French fries deep-fried in a lot of oil are not found here, as meat side dishes Grilled or lean poultry. If you like it rich in vitamins, you can put more vegetables on your sandwich. The Calorie factor This is added at the latest with the sauces, but since the customer's wishes are also dealt with here, you can always object to them additional fattening food decide.

Unhealthy food can be found with the Snack side dishes like cookies and chips also in the subway branches that temptation lurks on every corner. So if you are on a diet and weak-willed, you should stay away from these as well as from all other fast food restaurants. But you choose thoughtful, it actually can healthier be than anywhere else. Important: always that Whole grain bread take instead of white bread and on cheese and high-calorie sauces dispense. Either that for meat lean poultry choose or rather completely vegetarian stay. For this may Vegetables en masse on the bread, please keep your distance from the rich olives! If you keep these points in mind, a healthy meal is actually possible in a fast food restaurant. But the same applies here: everything in moderation. Fast food remains fast food. As an exception, please choose the subway line. The healthiest thing is still what you can do wisely at home self cooked has and in peace can eat.