Who is the best digital marketing guru

7 marketing gurus who will help you and your business move forward

They shape the marketing landscape: Neil Patel, Gary Vaynerchuk, Thomas Hutter, Philipp Roth, Joachim Rumohr, Helge Ruff and Simon Sinek. In this article you will learn more about the work of these marketing gurus - and what you can learn from them.

Regardless of how familiar you are with the world of online marketing: Surrounding yourself with experts is always a smart strategy. Fortunately, there are a number of marketers who generously share their knowledge with you.

But how do you find really helpful advice in the flood of information available?

A real one "Marketing Guru" makes a difference. Among other things, he achieves successful results for his customers, and at the same time contributes innovatively Development of the Marketing Industry at. We provide you 7 experts with the help of which you can expand your own marketing knowledge on a daily basis.

# 1 Neil Patel.

Neil Patel is best known for his own marketing blog as well as his companies Crazy Egg and KISSmetrics. Today he helps large companies to increase their sales - and with success: According to Forbes, he is one of the top 10 online marketers.

Neil Patel built one of the most successful marketing companies in the world.

Here you can learn from Neil Patel.

Neil Patel's story is particularly inspiring because none of his achievements were born in his cradle. Since his youth, he gradually worked his way to the top of the marketing industry with a successful entrepreneurial spirit.

Most of all, you can learn from Neil Patel

Neil Patel's YouTube Channel: Here you will learn everything about marketing and website optimization.

If you stop by Neil Patel's blog, you will come across a number of articles on the topics of online marketing, social media management and traffic generation, which are always provided with interesting statistics and helpful screenshots. For example, here is an extremely detailed guide on how to create your own blog.

Step by step: Neil Patel explains in his blog article how to create your own blog.

Why You Should Follow Neil Patel.

  • Complicated marketing ideas simply conveyed: His articles are designed to be extremely reader-friendly and interactive - there is no boredom here.
  • The art of being present: Neil Patel shows how you can successfully distribute your content across platforms.
  • Make data-driven decisions: On his blog and with the help of his tools, he explains step by step how to act on the basis of a database.

Neil Patel recommends:

Neil emphasizes two main steps: 1. Solve a unique problem for your target audience; a problem that enough people face. And then you market your business. It's not enough to create a great product and wait for it to be found automatically - you have to learn how to spread it through marketing strategies.

# 2 Gary Vaynerchuk.

With his advertising agency VaynerMedia Gary Vaynerchuk supports large companies in their overall marketing strategyfrom creating creative food for thought to setting up e-commerce shops. He is also known for his charismatic appearances as a speaker at a number of marketing events.

Gary Vaynerchuk shares his broad marketing knowledge without beating around the bush.

Here you can learn from Gary Vaynerchuk.

Gary Vaynerchuk also used his entrepreneurial nature in his youthto do small business before taking up the online marketing of his father's business (an online wine retailer) during his college years.

Follow these channels to learn more about Gary Vaynerchuk's strategies:

  • Find quotes and inspiration on his Instagram account.
  • He posts the latest updates on his Facebook page and is active in his “First in Line” community.
  • Discover new videos every day on his YouTube channel.

In his video format #AskGaryVee, for example, he answers questions from his viewers all about marketing, social media and entrepreneurship.

In this #AskGaryVee video, Gary Vaynerchuck shares his top tips for success and satisfaction.

And he documents his life in the #DailyVee series as an entrepreneur, managing director, investor and speaker.

Success demands compromises: In his #DailyVee series, Gary Vaynerchuck talks about his experiences as an entrepreneur.

Why You Should Follow Gary Vaynerchuk.

  • Hardly anyone delivers to you relevant information so tough and straightforward like Gary Vee. People don't talk around the bush here!
  • Are you looking for motivation? Gary Vee talks a lot about what professional and personal success means to him and what it takes to achieve it.
  • Creative interaction with your audience: For example, learn about the use of targeted hashtags, such as his # 60secclub on Instagram.

Gary Vaynerchuk recommends:

Gary Vee sums it up: Be authentic, work hard, and don't neglect any of your social media channels.

# 3 Thomas Hutter.

If you're looking for one German-speaking experts for Facebook Marketing then you've come to the right place on Thomas Hutter's blog. As managing director of Hutter Consult, he also helps international companies to develop a holistic Facebook marketing strategy.

Thomas Hutter specializes in marketing companies via Facebook.

Here you can learn from Thomas Hutter.

If you would like to get to know Thomas Hutter personally, you can find one of his in Germany, Austria and Switzerland Seminars on all aspects of Facebook marketing visit. You can find the calendar here.

In addition, Thomas Hutter shares his marketing knowledge on these platforms:

  • You can find detailed content on his blog.
  • He shares useful links on his Twitter channel.
  • Further links to his articles as well as insights behind the scenes can be found on Facebook.

Do you already know Facebook's new video platform? Here Thomas Hutter writes about “Facebook Watch”.

Why you should follow Thomas Hutter.

  • Hardly anywhere else do you find yourself like this up-to-date and extensive information on the subject of Facebook marketing Find.
  • Which legal provisions apply to you? Thomas Hutter clarifies the German jurisprudence in the social media.
  • Also for current German-language Facebook statistics you will find it on his blog.

Thomas Hutter recommends:

Facebook is a means to an end. Everything you post on Facebook must serve your marketing goal. Never run a post just because it hasn't been done yet.

# 4 Philipp Roth

Philipp Roth is Co-founder of AllFacebook, one of the largest social media marketing magazines in Germany. He has also been running his own social media team at the Ray Sono agency for several years.

AllFacebook founder Philipp Roth speaks twice a year at the AllFacebook Marketing Conference.

Here you can learn from Philipp Roth.

Philipp Roth is particularly known for his AllFacebook Marketing Conference, which takes place twice a year in Berlin and Munich. Here you can everything to do with social media marketing for companies learn and network with over 700 participants.

A look back: This is how the AllFacebook Marketing Conference went this year in Munich.

You can also find dates for further workshops on Facebook Marketing here. To learn more, it is also worth following Philipp Roth on these channels:

  • You can find useful links and updates on the conference on the Facebook page.
  • Information about social media marketing on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Co. can be found on the blog.
  • In-depth marketing knowledge is shared on Twitter.

Are you brand new to Facebook Marketing? Then you will find a detailed introduction to AllFacebooks here.

On the AllFacebook blog you will find a lot of helpful information about social media marketing.

Why you should follow Philipp Roth.

  • Here you can find out everything about Social media marketing, also beyond Facebook.
  • The conference gives you access to a diverse community and the latest marketing trends.
  • The content on AllFacebook is always refreshingly simple and entertaining designed.

Philipp Roth recommends:

Your posts will only be read if they really offer the user added value. For example, provide useful apps or hold a raffle. In general, shorter posts usually work better.

# 5 Joachim Rumohr.

Joachim Rumohr is one of the most famous Xing trainers in Germany and regularly publishes new tips on how to effectively use the networking platform on his blog. In his academy for digital customer acquisition, he also advises companies and their employees on the subject of "social selling".

Xing expert Joachim Rumohr talks about the relevance of professional networks.

Here you can learn from Joachim Rumohr.

Joachim Rumohr also offers a number of workshops and seminars in which you can learn more from him - both all about optimizing your Xing profile, as well as sales and networking strategies.

Joachim Rumohr explains what is important in your Xing profile.

It is worth following Joachim Rumohr on these social channels:

  • You can find more private insights and tips on his Facebook page.
  • Joachim Rumohr answers questions about Xing on his YouTube channel.
  • He also regularly publishes articles and interviews on Xing itself.

In this Xing interview, Joachim Rumohr emphasizes the relevance of a profile in professional networks.

Why you should follow Joachim Rumohr.

  • Find out everything about the Relevance and optimization of your profile on professional networks.
  • Specialization in Xing: Here you will find facts and news about the platform.
  • Do you do networking? Joachim Rumohr also provides targeted advice on strategies for successful networking.

Joachim Rumohr recommends:

Make the best possible use of the potential of digitization for your company in order to remain competitive in the long term. Especially an optimized page on professional networks like Xing supports you immensely with a professional online presence, which forms the basis for your future success.

# 6 Helge Ruff.

As the founder and managing director of the Munich-based social media agency 1-2-social, Helge Ruff and his team create Strategies and concepts for corporate social media channels. He is also active as a speaker, author and lecturer.

Social media expert Helge Ruff knows how a company can be successfully marketed via social networks.

Here you can learn from Helge Ruff.

At Helge Ruff you are at the right address, if you want to concentrate your marketing strategy primarily on your social media channels. For example, you will find a comprehensive tutorial on this very subject here.

More content from Helge Ruff is available here:

  • On Facebook you can gain insights into workshops and events from 1-2-social.
  • Helge Ruff shares interesting information and his own opinion on current marketing topics on Twitter.
  • You can find detailed articles on all aspects of social media marketing on the agency's blog.

Helge Ruff can also be found frequently at marketing events as a lecturer, author and speaker, such as here:

At a career event, Helge Ruff talks about the importance of identifying with one's own professional field.

Why you should follow Helge Ruff.

  • Continuous training: Helge Ruff attaches particular importance to conveying new developments and trends in social networks.
  • Get your brand talking: Here you will learn to primarily inspire your fans with your content.
  • Specialized in social media: At Helge Ruff you will find more in-depth knowledge about the individual networks and their users than with more broadly based agencies.

Helge Ruff recommends:

Social media gives you the opportunity to reach millions of people from a specific target group with your message. Use this potential through a sophisticated marketing strategy, instead of keeping your reach artificially small through only occasional posts.

# 7 Simon Sinek.

Simon Sinek is known for his hugely successful TED Talk “How Great Leaders Inspire Action” and his Start With Why brand. He helps individuals and companies to answer the question of the “why” of what you are doing and thus develop a clear direction for your marketing strategy. 

Author and coach Simon Sinek asks Why You pursue your goals.

Here you can learn from Simon Sinek.

Simon Sinek became famous with his Bestseller “Start With Why” and his appearances as a speaker, in which he goes into detail on the topics of goal setting and determination.

The question of why: Simon Sinek's “Golden Circle” should help answer it.

You can consume more current content from Simon Sinek on the following channels:

  • On his YouTube, he answers questions from viewers and talks about important leadership skills.
  • Simon Sinek shares personal thoughts and inspiring quotes via his Twitter and Instagram accounts.
  • You can find exciting links and videos on his Facebook page.

As a speaker at a TEDx event, Simon Sinek explains why good managers inspire their employees to act.

Why You Should Follow Simon Sinek.

  • Why are you doing what you are doing? Simon Sinek helps to question the “why” of your marketing strategy.
  • let yourself be inspired: His goal is to enable people to feel inspired, safe and fulfilled at the end of the day.
  • Uniform content marketing: His social media channels are themselves a very good example of consistent and easily recognizable content.

Simon Sinek recommends:

It doesn't just matter What or how You pursue your goals, but that this what and how is consistent with yours Why fits. You should always build your marketing strategy with this in mind in order to strengthen your credibility.

Be there with passion.

Each of our gurus presented brings their own innovative marketing concepts with them - be it motivating approaches, creative social media strategies or the establishment of marketer networks.

However, they all share one view: In the very first step, as an entrepreneur, you have to be passionate about your job in order to be successful.

It doesn't matter what industry you are in or what niche you have chosen. If you are thoroughly convinced of your brand and can convey it, Why As you pursue your goal, your marketing efforts are more likely to win over your audience.