Why is the Dyson hair dryer so good

Dyson Supersonic in the test: is it worth buying?

Normally we wouldn't publish a review of a hair dryer. But the Dyson Supersonic is something special. After my test, I can almost understand why the company invested 71 million dollars in development costs and four years of development work into developing this hair dryer.

At a price of 450 euros, two questions are obvious:

  • Is that justified ?!
  • Is it worth buying?

Our conclusion: Anyone who blows their hair daily and has the money to spare will get the best of the best here and will probably not regret the purchase. You can find out all the details in the following review.

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The first difference between the Dyson Supersonic and conventional hair dryers is the construction. Dyson has found a way to install the motor in the handle and not in the housing of the hair dryer. In terms of weight, this makes the Supersonic feel more balanced and more comfortable in the hand than other hairdryers. Especially if you have long hair, the design makes it much less painful to use in the long run. Nevertheless, the Dyson is not much lighter than a conventional hairdryer, because the Supersonic weighs 700 grams even without attachments.

On the other hand, it is relatively compact and fits easily in hand luggage, which makes it perfect for on the go and for traveling.


The Supersonic works like most other blow dryers: the motor draws in the air and then expels it again. Part of the $ 71 million research and development costs went into air multiplier technology, which increases the volume of air. With the help of this technology, the Supersonic creates a very fast, strong and targeted airflow that can be easily directed onto the part of your hair that you want to style.

In addition, the device is equipped with a heat protection sensor that regulates the temperature of the air flow to prevent damage to your hair.

Another feature worth mentioning are the magnetic attachments, which can be easily attached to the hair dryer. The attachments include a "smoothing" nozzle, which gives the hair a smooth, smooth finish, and a smaller nozzle attachment for more precise styling. The third and largest attachment is the diffuser, which is particularly suitable for curly hair and can prevent frizz.

The temperature and speed can be set using the buttons on the back of the Supersonic. There are four levels each for both settings, which are indicated by blue LEDs.

I never thought I'd have to learn to use a new hair dryer first, but it actually took a while before I could finally change the settings without looking at the buttons. Conventional hairdryers usually have larger switches and buttons that can be operated without looking. The buttons of the Supersonic, on the other hand, are much smaller, so you have to remember exactly where they are.

The cruise control button is roughly where your index finger rests when you hold the Dyson in your hand. Finding the temperature setting button is a little more complicated. At first you will probably have to look at the hair dryer again and again to find the button.

* The scope of delivery includes an anti-slip mat, if you place the Supersonic on the mat and switch it on, it is so strong that it simply flies off the table.


The Supersonic is fast; In my opinion, the Dyson only takes half as long to dry hair as other blow dryers and it doesn't feel as hot at the same time. In the 38 degree hot summer in Taipei, using a hair dryer, even with the air conditioning on, is a real torture. But even when I held the Supersonic directly to my hair, the terrible smell of burnt hair did not reach my nostrils. Thanks to the temperature sensor, my ears were also spared from excessively hot temperatures.


When designing the hair dryer, Dyson did two things to make it as quiet as possible. The first thing is relatively simple: the Supersonic's motor has a rubber mount to reduce the vibration between the motor and the handle.

The second thing is a bit more complicated: James Dyson said the following about this: "By equipping the motor's impeller with 13 instead of the normal 11 rotor blades, we were able to give the sound inside the motor a higher frequency that cannot be heard by humans."

During my test, I was able to easily turn on the hair dryer while someone was sleeping in the adjoining room, and I was even able to chat with my friends without any problems while I was blow-drying my hair.


For a hairdryer, the Dyson Supersonic is very expensive. But if your hair is sensitive to heat and you have the necessary money on hand, the Supersonic will definitely improve your everyday life a lot. The device has been on the market for a year and currently costs between 425 and 450 euros. If you keep your eyes peeled, you will definitely find a device at a slightly cheaper price.