Are you a full time blogger

Why I don't blog full-time anymore ...

It's time again for a few personal words. Since I keep getting questions about why I am no longer blogging full-time, I thought it would be a good reason for a little amiga talk.

If you get into conversation with someone, whether at events or privately, at some point the question about the job comes up and around 500 questions follow: Can you make a living from blogging? Do you do this full time or just as a hobby? Oh, why not more full-time? Wasn't it enough? Is that a lot of work? โ€œYes, you can make a living from it. It was enough and it is a lot of work. I went back to work because I turned into a hyena and didn't recognize myself. "

So that was the short version. Due to many questions on this topic, I will go into more detail today about my dilemma of full-time blogging.

The way to becoming a full-time blogger

In the middle of last year I decided to take the step into complete independence. I had registered my Happy Lifestyle blog since the beginning of 2016, but was still working. I wanted to change that. I wanted more. And I think a lot of bloggers out there have exactly the same dream that I had: full-time bloggers. Turn your hobby into a job. So I dared to take the step, quit my job, set up a home office and devoted myself entirely to my blog - and little Knuti, who was also allowed to move in with us.

My blog was already going relatively well at this point, but I had no idea how everything would turn out or whether the income would remain reasonably stable. This is never entirely certain when you are self-employed, and if you are dependent on various customers and partnerships, it is not anyway. The monetary aspect was always in the background for me. I just wanted to try.

Since I am unfortunately not in the lucky position and several valid requests for cooperation come into my mailbox every day, I had to take the initiative myself. No problem for me. I looked for other agencies, interesting companies and possible customers and did my best. Some things worked, some things backfired. Every day I went on a voyage of discovery on the web. Although I sometimes didn't need it, I was always on the lookout. Even at the girls' evening I was pricked up in some places and wondered how I could get in touch with certain products that we were just talking about. I wasn't relaxed and mostly not at the point.

I was always on the lookout.

I was caught in a vicious circle. The inner fear of not knowing what it will be like next month completely changed me. I could hardly enjoy private moments anymore and just sat at the laptop or had my smartphone in my hands - I could miss something important. Needless to say, my creativity suffered under the pressure. Before, I only knew writer's block from hear-tell. Suddenly they were my greatest enemies. I lost my interest in social media and blogging. But I had already put too much work into my little heart project and giving up is never an option for me anyway. A plan B was needed.

Plan B

As luck would have it, I was offered my current job. Everything went very quickly and within a few days I was back in a real office, with neat clothes, freshly washed hair and make-up on my face. Then I realized how much I missed a permanent position - people with whom I can talk about things other than my blog, feel free again because I know that my fixed costs can be paid even if I don't feel like blogging have. For me, it was definitely the best decision I made towards the end of 2016.

Did I fail or did I grow?

Now I wonder if I wanted to prove something to myself or someone else as a full-time blogger. Why did I let it get this far? I was a predator, always on the lookout and just about to snap. Was I afraid of failure? Sure, definitely. Nobody likes to admit to having failed. And in my case I didn't fail at all. I just realized that I wasn't made to run my blog full time. That is a realization and an experience that I am very grateful for.

Nobody likes to admit to having failed.

It took many tears to admit that to me. Because failure is something else. I am happy in my part-time job as a social media editor and so I still have enough time for amigaprincess. And who knows, maybe I'll take that step again. Then, when I can no longer save myself from inquiries ๐Ÿ˜‰ But until then, I enjoy the luxury of a permanent position and the luxury of just going for the weekend and putting my cell phone aside.

What I would like to say with this post: All that glitters is not gold. Some people are born entrepreneurs, some have to grow into the role first. What counts is the passion for what you do! And I definitely have it!