How can I change my bike lock

Forgot the bike lock code - what now?

The combination lock appears at first sightvery convenient. Only a sequence of digits is set on metal wheels for opening and closing. Problems that the key can cause are eliminated:

The key can be forgotten or lost, it can bend and, in the worst case, a blocked lock cannot be opened. But every thing has its downside, including the combination lock - the owner no longer remembers the correct sequence of numbers.

Retrieve a forgotten number code

The forgotten combination of numbers occurs in many families in spring, when the first rays of sunshine pull people out into nature. Bikes mothballed over the wintermust be in communal storage basements of tenement houses, of courselocked become.

Safety experts recommend clustering multiple wheels on the front wheels. On the other hand, what serves to protect against theft in good faith increases the stress whenall Linking wheels of a family with a forgotten numeric code.

Our first tip just requiresa few seconds of effort, but this will save you hours of trying later. It is best to write down the key figure several times and store the notes in different places.

Good places are the key box, the document folder, the secret compartment of the wallet or save the numbers in the phone book of the smartphone.

Our second tip could also help owners of a branded combination lock. There is a stamped on high-quality productsserial number. Contact the manufacturer who will tell you the factory code.

The sequence of numbers on delivery, for example 0000, is of no use to you if the owner changes the factory setting into apersonal identification number has changed - this is exactly what manufacturers recommend to all customers.

In the most favorable case, the manufacturer can use the serial number to provide a secretSpecial functions that bypass the currently set code like a master key. It is very likely that this information will only be provided against proof of personal data in order to verify its legality.

Another point of contact is theBicycle dealerwhere you bought the bike. If you get to know each other personally, the specialist will be happy to help.

Combine the bike lock code

The next thought goes in the direction of "patient trial and error". This would be a viable option if you are stillpartially to the digitsrecall. Maybe it was just a twist of numbers or the mix-up in visual similarities such as zero and nine, seven and one.

From memory the Number combinations Trying it out recognizes high-quality locks as attempted manipulation. A machine doesn't know whether a thief or the owner is tampering with it.

Various manufacturers build onechip in their combination locks, which after a certain number of systematic attempts to open the lock irretrievably block the lock. A five-digit sequence of numbers contains tens of thousands of possible combinations, with which manufacturers are aware of the Theft prevention promote, but drive the locked owner to despair.

Open a combination lock using the lock picking method

It is always advisable to get puremechanical combination locks first to exhaust all nonviolent possibilities. One of them is calledLock picking. No special tools are required for this, just a plastic folder.

Though we always thought Lock picking If only locks with keys are concerned, we have been taught better.

Cut one corner straight off the folder so that a sharp chip is formed.

Push the topbetween the adjustment wheels. Now turn the first wheel bit by bit until you feel a notch.

Proceed in the same way with all wheels until all notches are next to each other in the middle. The lock can now be opened.

A similar technique requires a sure instinct. The cheaper the lock, the easier it is to open.

Pull or push the spigot end of the lock and hold it under tension. If necessary, the assistance of a second person can be helpful.

Start at the bottom wheel. Turn it untila tiny jolt is noticeable. You can't hear it.

With the right numberthe locking lever engages more clearlythan at a wrong position.

Then try which of the remaining wheels turns stiffly. Now continue with this until the series is complete.

In thethird non-violent variant start again by twisting the lower wheel one point. After each digit, move the locked end up and down. If the first number is set correctly, the lever can be moved over a longer distance.

With each wheel, the range of motion of the inserted end increases. After the last wheel, the lock releases.

We were amazed how easy it was Combination locks can be manipulated even by inexperienced persons. For this reason, insurance companies only accept VDS-certified locks to secure bicycles.

Forcibly remove a combination lock

The last chance, with a forgotten one Numeric code To get the bike free is to destroy the castle.

Nowadays, padlocks, cable locks and chain locks are usedmade of harder steelthan it was years ago. In this way, the manufacturers reacted to high theft rates, which particularly occurred with combination locks.

A myth has come to an end: Nowadays nobody can destroy a lock with ice spray and hammer blows.

The strongest lock is only as steadfast as its weakest point. This is located at the point where the bracket engages in the lock.

For example, the locksmith canclamp a jack and with it you can even bend a strong U-lock apart.

The combinations and numerical code athigh-quality brand locks can hardly be overcome, but the built-in material of the other parts of the castle partially reduces the security of the whole.

Despite minor flaws fallsour choice for kids bikes on a combination lock. The little ones in particular lose their keys quickly and even elementary school students can unlock and lock their bikes independently.