Do I need more than 60 FPS

From how much FPS does a game run smoothly? We clarify


High FPS values ​​are good when gaming because they ensure a smooth picture. But where is the lower limit - and which values ​​can even be achieved? We name the numbers that matter.

Ambitious gamers want to achieve more than 60 FPS without any dips.

From how much FPS does a game run smoothly? You should know these guidelines

Over the years, some values ​​have established themselves as examples of when a game runs smoothly. As with image resolution, the standards of the gaming industry are growing steadily.
  • Basically, moving images from 30 FPS appear as fluid. This value should therefore definitely be achieved.
  • However, higher values ​​are clearly noticeable. The standard for very smooth images has been 60 FPS for many years. Many demos and benchmarks are based on this value.
  • However, significantly higher rates are now also possible. That always depends on the interaction between the game and hardware. A high-end computer can achieve FPS values ​​of well over 100 for technically older games.
  • To increase the FPS, you can turn down graphic details. This brings a noticeable improvement.
  • The resolution is also important. The higher the resolution, the more power is required and that of course affects the frame rate. One and the same PC will produce lower FPS values ​​with 4K resolution than with WQHD resolution.

Hardware for good FPS

By the way, the decisive component is the graphics card. However, any system is only as good as its weakest component. If the RAM or your CPU are not sufficient to compute a game, you will not get high FPS values ​​even with a good graphics card.

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