Is China a developing country

Emerging market

There is no precise, internationally valid definition of the term "emerging market". Emerging countries are mostly assigned to developing countries (call up the lexicon entry for the term) *. It is typical for them that they are in a comprehensive process of change and often show above-average growth in economic output and per capita income. In many emerging countries, however, social development cannot yet keep pace with economic growth. This can be seen, for example, in average life expectancy, infant mortality, the level of education or access to energy and water supplies. The rapid growth is also often accompanied by increasing inequality in income.

In the past few decades, emerging countries such as Brazil, China and India have risen to become important political and economic players. Increasingly and rightly, they are calling for a greater voice to be heard at the global level and for a more active role to be played in international organizations. A worldwide sustainable development (access the lexicon entry for the term) * and the protection of global public goods such as peace (access the lexicon entry for the term) * and security as well as an intact environment (access the lexicon entry for the term) * can only be done together with these Countries are reached. The emerging countries are therefore important partners for development policy.