Potato chips cause cancer

Disastrous results in the eco-test

In a study by the Frankfurt consumer magazine ÖKO-TEST, an unbelievable 17 out of 28 examined types of chips failed with the grade "unsatisfactory". The exact test results can be found in the July issue of the ÖKO-TEST magazine, which appeared nationwide on June 30, 2008.

Lots of pollutants in potato chips

More than half of the chips examined were full to the brim with the fatty pollutant 3-MCPD fatty acid ester. Often one serving of the crispy slices is enough to exceed the daily tolerable intake several times over.

No wonder, because the pollutants get into the chips with the deep-frying fat and this is known to be abundant in the snacks. By the way, products made with sunflower oil tended to do better.

The cancer toxin acrylamide, which inevitably arises in the manufacture of chips, is an old problem. Nevertheless, manufacturers can optimize their production methods and thus ensure that only small amounts of acrylamide are in the product.

Most of the test products showed in the ÖKO-TEST investigation, however, "increased" and "greatly increased" loads if you ate half a bag of them.


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