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Enable or disable questions, answers, and comments for participants in live events

Are you looking for a way to better control Q&A and discussions during your live event in Yammer? Well, with this new live event setting you can! Activate / deactivate Q&A and discussions for all participants: before, during or after the live event.

Manage settings

  1. When planning your live event, you will see the setting Enable Q&A and comments for participants . This setting is enabled by default.

  2. If you want to start a live event with no Q&A and discussions, just turn this setting off.

  3. Participants will no longer see a publisher in their feed. Organizers, speakers, and producers will still be able to see and use the publisher.

Before and after a meeting

If you want to change this setting anytime, it's easy!

  1. On the events page, click Edit event details.

  2. Enable or disable Q&A and comments .

  3. Save the event.

Note: Q&A and comments can be enabled or disabled: before the event, during the event, and after the event.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Who can enable or disable Q&A + comments?

Only event makers and organizers can enable or disable Q&A and discussions.

What about event moderators, organizers and speakers?

Deactivating Q&A and Discussion Publisher only applies to participants. Anyone who has the role of: Live Event Organizer, Producer or Presenter can still post in the feed.

What are some examples of scenarios?

  • You don't want your live event to include Q&A or discussions.

  • You want to start your live event without Q&A and discussions and activate the booking later.

  • After an event, you want to close Q&A and discussions.