How do you listen to discord

@ Swisswulf

You know, it moves me to react again and again to your contributions, because your considerations are good!
I often have similar considerations, but can still give a place for a power over everything in my thoughts and ideas.

Even if every environmental catastrophe is physically explainable, still understandable, calculable - there can be a force behind it.

They say: I now want to do, live, love, learn, understand, fight and not think of anything that “maybe” may come after my earthly life.

Do you believe if you believe in this power, you can't do, live, love, learn, understand, fight now?

(If I compare the time when I didn't or hardly believed in this power with the time now that I believe, I do a lot more today, and I know how to arrange life in order to live, and I also believe I know how to love (more than before), and I learn every day, new lights come on again and again (at that time it was actually the opposite, I understood the world less and less the more I thought about it). I also understand more today And more than then, I also fight more today than then, because I have a lot more energy than then. —– Because I don't have to waste my time thinking through my whole life, whether there is an afterlife or not.

They say: I do not want to sacrifice any time of my earthly life to pay homage to any god in the form of prayers.

A prayer takes a few minutes. In addition, for me it is not a sacrifice, but a win. 1. for a reward in the hereafter. 2. Is it like a refueling session or a massage? - You come back from prayer completely relaxed. 3. I did some gymnastics at the same time.
… ..Could list even more, …… don't sacrifice time, rather “two birds hit with a stone” or “de Fuefer and’s Weggli”, or “7 in one go”.

P.S. I mean the religious literature I read would not bring fog, rather sunshine.

Greetings to Musad