What irrational fears do you have?

The irrational fear - how can we escape this vicious circle?

Last update: 31 July, 2017

We've all felt fear at some point, haven't we? Fear is a perfectly normal response to an approaching danger and activates our survival instinct.

But when this feeling seems unfounded, it becomes an irrational feeling that can make us feel paralyzed. This is then commonly referred to as "irrational fear".

"Don't give up, please, don't hesitate, even when the cold is burning, even when the fear bites, even when the sun is hiding and the wind is silent."

Mario Benedetti

Once we get to this point, if we experience any kind of irrational fear, we should find a solution to it so that we don't have to live with it forever.

We must not let fear guide us, we must not let it control us. For this reason, today we will deal with how we can get rid of irrational fear from our lives.

Do not be afraid of the irrational fear

To overcome a fear the first thing you should realize is that you are afraid and have the will to face it.

Only you can conquer your own irrational fear. No one else can do that for you. When you do that, you will be stronger and more resistant to future fears.

Every challenge, every new situation scares us, but that's by no means bad. Fear makes us vigilant, it challenges us to learn to deal with ourselves and take great strides on our path in life.

But how can we stop being afraid of fear? With this advice you will succeed:

  • Believe in yourself and in your possibilities to conquer your fears.
  • Replace your fear with positive feelings.
  • You have to act on your fear. You must not allow her to paralyze you.
  • See fear as a possibility to learn how to tackle a new situation.

There is much more advice that can be used to allay this never-ending fear. You can decide for yourself which method suits you best and then put it into practice to escape the vicious circle of irrational fear.

As we already know, we can take something positive out of everything negative. An irrational fear is not a bad thing in and of itself; it can be a way of changing the way you react to certain situations.

If you are afraid of something then show this calmly. This will help you to recognize the fear as such, to see it with different eyes and to be able to overcome it as best as possible. Do you think that is not possible? Just try it!

"Know, accept, overcome yourself."

Saint Thomas Aquinas

Believe in your optionsand bet on optimism. This will help you to tackle any irrational fear that hinders your thoughts and actions and robs you of well-being in your life.

Face your fear

Once we realize our fear and are ready to trust our options and possibilities to escape that fear, the next thing we need to do is face it.

To avoid fearwon't make them go away. We all react like this at first, but it is useless and pointless.

If you think about how often you as a small childWere afraid to see something in your room ... what were you doing then? We all put our hands in front of our eyes and hid under our covers. We thought that if we didn't see it, nothing would be there.

The consequence of this view is that we ignore the situation and believe that if we do not pay attention to it, we can solve it.

"We must no longer be afraid of what we are just about to get to know."

Madame Curie

But unfortunately that is not the case. We can only conquer our fear by dealing with it. Because in order to overcome it, we first have to admit it to ourselves.

You should also ask yourself the following question: Do you want to spend your whole life with this fear or do you want to get rid of it immediately and forever?

If you decide to break free of it completely, or at least know how to do it every time it shows up, you must never try to escape.

If you run away from your fear, it will catch up with you again and again and be with you for the rest of your life. It is the same with many other things in our lives - at some point we come to a point where we are exhausted because we have been running from something all the time and we are tired of always running away from something. We decide to turn around and face certain situations.

Face your fears. Once you do that, you will find out that they weren't as bad as you once imagined them to be.

Are you exhausted from fear? Then listen to yourself, listen to your feelings and listen to your fears. Get to know your fears. This is how you will learn about them and that will help you fight them and get rid of them.

Face your fear and don't let it get the better of you. You are stronger than them. Believe in yourself and in your possibilities. Don't let your fears get you down!